Partner Libraries

Partner Libraries

Mutual Use Network privileges

  • CSULA students and faculty may check out most books at mutual use libraries.
  • Students and faculty from mutual use libraries may check out most books from
    the CSULA library.
  • Mutual use borrowers must present a valid student ID card and proof of current registration, such as a paid receipt, official schedule of classes or registration sticker.
  • Mutual use borrowers may check out books according to the rules established at the lending library. The off-campus borrowers row in the Loan and Fee Policies Table describes book borrowing loan periods and rules at CSULA.
  • Note:  The following materials do not circulate to mutual use (non-CSULA) borrowers:  course reserves, media, library-use-only items, periodicals, & reference books.

The Mutual Use Network includes all 23 California State University campuses and select local community college libraries.          

California State University Libraries - Local Libraries

Outside our Mutual Use Network

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) - Libraries
Note: Although UCLA is not officially within our Mutual Use Network, CSULA faculty members qualify for a free library card which can be used at most UCLA libraries.
If you are a student, you can purchase a UCLA library card.