LACHSA Guidelines

Guidelines for use of the University Library by LACHSA teachers and students

  1. Information about library services for LACHSA students and teachers can be found at Services for Los Angeles Country High School or Arts.
  2. Use of library electronic classrooms – Library Electronic classrooms are booked heavily during most weeks of the academic year and are often opened for student computer use during peak periods of the day.
    1. As a general rule, these rooms should only be requested by LACHSA teachers who wish to bring their class to the library for a library orientation session (how to use the library catalog, search for articles using a database, etc.). Teachers should provide at least 2 weeks notice when requesting a library workshop. Requests can be submitted online using the Library Instruction Request Form or they may email Scott Breivold, the LACHSA liaison librarian- [email protected]
    2. If a teacher requires a computer‐equipped classroom for another purpose (testing, class research/writing projects, etc.) the library electronic classrooms are generally available during Cal State LA recess or exam periods only which are indicated on the library hours page. Use of the electronic classrooms at other times of the year will be limited, and availability will be determined on a case‐bycase basis, by the LACHSA liaison librarian (Scott Breivold – [email protected]) in consultation with library faculty colleagues and/or the University Librarian. Requests should be submitted as far in advance as possible.
  3. Use of other areas in the library
    1. Teachers should take attendance and/or give directions prior to entering the Library building, not in the foyer or student lounge.
    2. Teachers should not meet with classes in open areas of the library (the reference area, lobbies, etc.) as it is disruptive to others. Library classrooms are the only place where instruction should take place.
    3. Students may not check‐out media materials or use the media group viewing room for entertainment purposes.
    4. Teachers may check‐out library media materials for use in class.
    5. Students are expected to follow all library policies as indicated.