Innovation Hub

University Library Innovation Hub

The University Library Innovation Hub houses a state of the art 84-inch touchscreen Microsoft Surface Hub perfect for collaborative lectures, discussions, and presentations. Faculty and staff may reserve the experimental learning environment to hold events, workshops, and meetings, and faculty are welcome to use the space for one-time class lectures. This room is best for education-based events that are more interactive in nature. The space has glass walls that do not reach the ceiling and is visually accessible to surrounding patrons, therefore ambient noise may be of concern to those inside and adjacent to the room. Food and drink is not permitted in this area.

The Innovation Hub measures 1,495 square feet. There are 10 high-top double-seat desks with two adjustable swivel chairs per table in the rear of the room (seating for 20 total), and 19 low swivel chairs with desks attached in the front of the room. The maximum capacity in this room is 39 seated or 49 total.

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