CSU+ and Interlibrary Loan (ILL) FAQs


What do I do if I forget my ILL username and password?

If you forget your password, please use the Change Password? link on the ILLiad Login Page. An email will be sent to your registered email address, which will allow you to create a new password. If you forget your username, please e-mail [email protected] or call the Interlibrary Loan office at 323-343-4983 during business hours


What if I get an error login message using ILLIAD?

You may be blocked from using ILLiad Interlibrary Loan because your patron information is incorrect or out of date, or you tried the wrong password three times.

Please contact the Interlibrary Loan office at 323-343-4983 during normal business hours or e-mail [email protected] to report this problem. Be prepared to provide your full name and the campus identification number (CIN) found on the front of your Golden Eagle Card.


What is ILL & How do I use it?

CSU+ and Interlibrary Loan (ILL), borrow books and get PDFs of articles that the Library does not have available online or in print. Materials listed in our catalog may be requested from another library if they are checked out, missing, or otherwise not on the shelf (see other regulations below), except for material on Course Reserve.


Who can use the CSU+ and ILL services?

Our CSU+ and Interlibrary Loan service is available to currently enrolled Cal State LA students, faculty, and staff.


How long does it take?

Generally, 3 to 10 days; however, there are many variables. It's recommended that you allow up to 2 weeks to receive material.  

CSU+: Borrowing materials using the "Get It" button in the "CSU Collections and Beyond" scope reduces delivery time. Using this method, you can get articles in as little as a few hours, but books will take 3-10 days depending on the lending library.

ILLiad: If you can't get your material via CSU+, you can use ILLiad but the delivery time for books using this method is unpredictable. We ask local lenders first and expand outward regionally until we find a willing lender.


How much does it cost?

The Cal State LA Library does not charge for CSU+ or Interlibrary Loan unless you do not return the loaned material on time.


Regulations and renewals

  • The number of items borrowed shall not exceed 20 at any one time.
  • The loan period for books varies from 14 days to 116 days (CSU loans) depending on the policy of the library lending the book. The due date will be indicated on the book band when you pick up the book.
  • Items borrowed on CSU+ and ILL cannot be renewed.
  • Email and telephone requests are not accepted.
  • Return books directly to the Service Desk, First Floor Library North, or the book returns outside the library. if the material is fragile, please return it to the desk.
  • All CSU+ and Interlibrary Loan materials are subject to recall by the lending library. Patrons must return materials immediately when a recall notice is received. The due date of the material will be changed to reflect the recall.

Borrower responsibilities

  • Return borrowed material on time. Failure to return material on time will result in fines and may result in suspension of ILL privileges or limiting future requests to In-Library Use Only.
  • You will be liable for any late charges/lost book fees incurred for items not returned on time.
  • Take proper care of borrowed material and return it in good condition. You are liable for any lost or damaged material.
  • Observe any special conditions set for use of borrowed material. Conditions for use of borrowed materials are set by the lending institution. Special instructions are on the book strap and may include:
    1. In-Library Use Only
    2. Photocopying Not Allowed
    3. No Renewals

Where to pick up ILL materials

  • Books: Pick up books at the Service Desk, First floor of Library North. Please leave the book band wrapped around the book's cover on at all times.
  • Articles: PDF articles will be emailed to you. For CSU+ articles, you can download the PDF directly from your email or by email or by logging into your library account. For ILLiad articles, you'll have to log into your ILLiad account to download the PDF. 

What is & is not available through ILL

Request Which Will Be Processed
  • Books not in our collection
  • Books marked MISSING or ON LOAN in our Library Catalog, except for material on Course Reserve.
  • Articles not in our collection
  • Articles vandalized or torn out of issues that are in our collection
  • Articles from issues and volumes which are marked MISSING In our Library Catalog
ILL will make every attempt to obtain research material in various other formats (e.g., DVDs, music scores, dissertations, etc.), but we have mixed success in obtaining these items from other libraries due to THEIR policies 
Requests Which Will Not Be Processed
  • Requests for materials on Course Reserve
  • Requests for course-required textbooks or readings
  • Some materials in special formats (software, film reels, etc.) 
  • Whole issues/volumes of journals
  • Software and CD-ROMS
  • Rare, fragile, and special collection books
  • Genealogy
  • Reference books