Gifts of Books

Donating Books 

We’re grateful you’re considering the Cal State LA University Library in your donation process. If you are interested in contributing to our Special Collections and Archives department, please contact Azalea Camacho directly. 


Gifts of Books

We greatly appreciate your consideration of donating materials to the Cal State LA University Library. Contributions that align with the current Cal State LA curriculum and the Library Collection Development Policy are accepted. Your contribution will greatly enrich the Library’s collection and support the University's educational programs.

Scope of Donation

We accept materials that align with the Library Collection Development Policy and the campus instructional programs, such as recently published books, additional copies of high-demand titles, and titles placed on course reserves. We cannot accept items that do not fit our collection's scope. We kindly request that you refrain from donating materials that fall outside the scope of the current Cal State LA curriculum and the Library Collection Development Policy. Specifically, we are unable to accept the following:

  • Textbooks not in use
  • Self-help or do-it-yourself books
  • Mass market/trade paperbacks
  • Duplicate copies and/or earlier editions of titles owned by the Library (unless they're high-use titles or in pristine condition)
  • Materials in very poor physical condition and/or beyond repair
  • Outdated library materials (e.g., superseded legal or medical materials)
  • Media materials in formats not collected by the library (i.e. audio cassettes, 8mm & 16mm films, LP records, VHS videocassettes, etc.)
  • Most popular periodicals & short-runs or individual copies of journals
  • Foreign language publications in languages not included in the curriculum

If you have any questions about donations of books to the Library, please contact Holly Yu at 323-343-4993. Faculty members who feel their donation has special merit are encouraged to consult with their college or department Library Faculty Liaisons prior to delivering books to the Library.

Gifts are assumed to be given without conditions; any conditions placed upon an offered gift must be negotiated before delivery. Upon receipt, materials donated to the Library become the property of the University. The Library retains the sole discretion to determine whether to add the items to our collection or to dispose of them. Items not added to our collection may be shared with other libraries, sold to raise funds for acquiring new materials or given away for free.


Request for Letter of Acknowledgement

If you would like to receive a letter of acknowledgment for your generous donation, please complete the Donation Acknowledgment Form or request a print form to fill out at the Services Desk on the 1st Floor of Library North. Please note that the acknowledgment letter will not include a list of donated items or an estimated value. The appraisal of the donation is the responsibility of the donor.

We sincerely appreciate your support, and your donation significantly enhances our library's ability to serve our university community. Once again, thank you for your generous contribution.



All gift donations must be delivered to the Library. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to pick-up items. Gifts of fewer than 100 items may be left at the Service Desk, 1st Floor, Library North. Gifts of more than 100 volumes must first be reviewed by a Library representative prior to being accepted/delivered.


Other Gifts

  • Periodicals: Patrons interested in graciously subscribing to a journal on behalf of the Library should contact Library E-resources. Subscription prices for institutions are often much higher than they are for individuals.
  • Archival or Special Collections: Proposed gifts of archival-type material (i.e. files, personal papers, manuscripts, rare books, ephemera, etc.), should be directed to Azalea Camacho.
  • Monetary & Other Donations: For inquiries concerning other kinds of donations, such as monetary contributions, endowment funding, bequests, and gifts of art, furniture, equipment, etc., please contact Marla Peppers.