Design Resource Collection

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The University Library, in collaboration with the Fellows Fund of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Inc. (USITT), is working on a new Design Resource Collection in the library. The Design Resource Collection will provide students, faculty, researchers, and the Los Angeles community with a unique and diverse set of resources to engage, explore, and conduct research in the areas of Theatre and Performing Arts Production and Design.

The Design Resource Collection will include books and other resources covering a wide-range of design related topics, including Stagecraft and emerging Theatre Technologies, Art and Architecture, Costume Design and Fashion, and more. Subjects in the collection will include:

  • Scenery and Stage Design - History and Practice
  • Costume and Makeup - History and Practice
  • Lighting Design - History and Practice
  • Special Effects and Props Design
  • Stage Engineering and Machinery
  • Theme Park and Resort Design and Execution
  • Garden and Landscape Design
  • Social Histories of Performance and Influences
  • Period Style in Fashion and Interior Design
  • Television or Film lighting and/or set design
  • Art, Architecture, Fashion (related to stage/film/TV design)

The collection will be housed in a newly designed space on the third floor of University Library North and will feature low shelving units, a collaborative workspace, lounge-style study spaces, displays areas and more. These design elements will foster a dynamic user experience of exploration, learning and discovery.

For more information about the Design Resource Collection and related resources, please see the DRC Guide.  


The Design Resource Collection is made possible with generous support from the Fellows Fund of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Inc. USITT Fellows and Members may acquire a courtesy card to borrow materials from the DRC collection.