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Graduate Studies Forms

Form Name

This Form is Used to:

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GS-8: Graduate Student/Post-Baccalaureate Status Change

  • Change a student's classification status from Conditionally Classified to Classified 
  • Advance a doctoral student to candidacy
  • Discontinue a student from a graduate program
  • Place a student on academic probation or place them in good academic standing

College Associate Dean's Office





GS-10: Application for Advancement to Candidacy

  • Advance a master's student to candidacy
  • Establish the culminating experience for a master's student
  • Establish a faculty committee for a student completing a thesis or project
Email completed form to [email protected] and copy (cc) [email protected], the faculty graduate advisor, and the student

GS-13: Approval Page for Graduate Thesis, Project Report, or Dissertation (link)

  • Approve a student's thesis, project, or dissertation
 [email protected]

GS-14: Approval of Thesis or Project Proposal

  • Approve a student's proposal for a thesis or project

Academic Department

*Not all departments require this form. Check with graduate advisor 

GS-15: 4+1 Program Approval*

*Only for use by the College of ECST and BE

  • Change the status of a student admitted into a blended (4+1) program from the B-Career to the G-Career

Email completed form to [email protected] and copy (cc) [email protected], the faculty graduate advisor, and the student

Credit By Exam

  • Request permission to receive credit for courses by examination (4000- or 5000-level only)
Academic Department

General Academic Petition for Graduate Requirements

  • Petition review of certain University academic regulations when extenuating circumstances exist

Email the completed form, and all relevant evidence that supports the petition, to the Office of Graduate Studies ([email protected])

Course Validation 

  • Validate an expired course (after General Academic Petition for Graduate Requirements is approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies)

*Instructions for graduate advisors

College Associate Dean's Office

Graduate Credit for Undergraduate Coursework

  [email protected] 

Embargo Form

Delay the release of a student's thesis, project report, or dissertation to ProQuest for a given period of time  [email protected] (submit with the GS-13)

Related Forms

Form Name

This Form is Used to:

Submit Completed Form to:
Graduate Continuous Enrollment Form (UNIV 9000 Enrollment Form)
  • Allow a student to maintain their matriculation status to submit their thesis, project report, or dissertation after they have completed all required program coursework and units
PaGE Enrollment Services
Return from Educational Leave (formerly known as Leave of Absence; for graduate students who have not yet advanced to candidacy)
  • Request a return to Cal State LA after a loss in your continuing student status
Completing the online form submits the request to Records and Enrollment
Leave of Absence Petition
  • Request a leave of absence for a graduate student who has advanced to candidacy
[email protected]