Do The Flip Workshop


FCC Dreamteam: Ravisha Mathur, Silvia Heubach, and Victoria Bhavsar
Names (from left to right): Ravisha Mathur, Silvia Heubach, Victoria Bhavsar

Do The Flip Workshop

These summer workshops are intended to introduce STEM faculty to the flipped classroom model. The focus of the workshop will be to learn about available resources and to work though the development of a lesson plan for pre-class and in-class activities. We will investigate active learning strategies that can be used in the classroom, as well as ways to hold students accountable for doing the pre-class activities. Workshop participants will become part of the campus community consiting of the grant core faculty, and will be able to participate in on-going professional development. 


Flyer Link Date
Flyer Do the Flip 2019

Do the Flip Workshop Summer 2019

Cal State LA, April 26th, 2019
Flyer Do the Flip 2018

Do the Flip Workshop Summer 2018

Cal State LA, June 22nd, 2018
Flyer Do the Flip 2017

Do the Flip Workshop Summer 2017

Cal State LA, July 7th, 2017