Bijan Berenji

Bijan Berenji Email: [email protected]
Office: Biological Sciences 214

I have always been interested in new educational methods in physics and particularly in applying technology to physics education. I had acquired a background in active learning from various teaching experiences, and I found that this improved student learning. For these reasons, I wanted to teach flipped courses in physics at Cal State LA. I wanted to flip Physics 2100 because I was not satisfied with the way the course on mechanics and thermodynamics was being taught traditionally. Halfway through the first semester of flipped 2100 in Fall 2016, I find that in-class attendance and performance on exams has improved. I have met my goal of using technology through innovative videos and online homework. I have also been applying active learning during the classroom sessions with innovative workbooks which address the conceptual problems, and novel worksheets which focus on intermediate and advanced problems. Aside from teaching physics and astronomy courses, I also do research in theoretical and computational astrophysics.

Background: I graduated with a PhD in physics from Stanford in 2011, after which I did subsequent postdoctoral work at UCLA in applied mathematics in 2012-2013, and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in astrophysics 2013-2015. I served as adjunct astronomy professor at El Camino College in 2014.

General Physics I: Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Motion in one, two and three dimensions, Newton’s laws of motion, circular motion, work and energy, energy transfer, linear and angular momentum and their conservation, universal gravitation, periodic and wave motion, temperature and heat, elementary kinetic theory, first and second law of thermodynamics.