These are the courses that are being flipped. For catalog course description, open the respective course. To see sample videos and/or course materials, click on the instructor link. For Calculus (since it is flipped by a group of instructors), the link to sample activities is within the course description.

Flipped by He Shen

Fundamental principles of statics, resolution and composition of forces, algebraic and graphic solutions, friction, center of gravity, moment of inertia.

Flipped by Huiping Guo

Introduction to algorithms; designing, coding, debugging, and documenting programs; implementation of algorithms as structured programs in a high level language; laboratory activities on problem analysis and software development.

Flipped by He Shen

Electric circuit dc analysis; introduction to operational amplifier; energy storage elements; switching circuits; ac analysis and design; ac power analysis; ideal transformer.

Flipped by Nancy Warter-Perez

Embedded system programming with C programming language; software design and testing; introduction to data structures and algorithms; introduction to embedded systems and input/output interfacing; application of numerical techniques.

Flipped by Emma Lopez, Fendi He, Lusine Kopushyan, Sharri Kornblum, Sui Wing Man, Jonathan Chan, Nairi Rostami

Functions, graphs, limits, continuity, derivatives, applications of the derivative, anti-differentiation, definite integral, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, integration by substitution, applications of the integral.


  • List of content videos created by core faculty, videos of worked examples, and links to worksheets: Video Excel Spreadsheet
  • Please email Dr. Silvia Heubach (sheubac at calstatela dot edu) for access to activities and lesson plans.

Flipped by Daphne Liu

Preliminary introduction to the basic mathematical notation, vocabulary, and reasoning used in advanced mathematics courses. Logic; elementary set theory; proof techniques; recursion; induction; equivalence relations; counting techniques; graphs and trees.

Flipped by Bijan Berenji


Bijan Presentation

FLC Presentation

Motion in one, two and three dimensions, Newton’s laws of motion, circular motion, work and energy, energy transfer, linear and angular momentum and their conservation, universal gravitation, periodic and wave motion, temperature and heat, elementary kinetic theory, first and second law of thermodynamics.

Flipped by Seth Linker

Elementary field theory, basic electricity and magnetism, electromagnetic induction, DC, RC, and RLC circuits, Maxwell’s equations, propagation of light, geometrical, and physical optics. Lecture 3 hours, lab 3 hours, tutorial workshop 2 hours.