This page contains a list of topics that we are interested in. And, it contains links to documents, software programs and components developed by the project, and to other tools we've found useful and collected here for your convenience.

The research interests are Hadoop Big Data, Spark, BI (Machine Learning, Data Mining), Deep Learning (Tensorflow), Visualization,  Parallel/Distributed and Cloud Computing, e-Business Architecture and Language, Bioinformatics, and Internet Protocol


Hadoop Spark Big Data Predcition and Analysis using Cloud Computing

  1. COVID-19 Statistics by Monika Mishra
  2. Traffic Data Analysis and Prediction:  Traffic from Users Report
    1. Traffic Jam from Devide:
    2. Traffic Jam from the users: 
  3. Big Data Analysis using Hadoop and Ecosystems
  4. Jongwook Woo, The Technical Demand of Cloud Computing (클라우드 컴퓨팅 기술수요) in Korean, Technical Report
    • Granted from KISTI (Korea Institute of Science and Technical Information) 한국과학기술정보연구원
  5. Cloud Computing in e-Business, Scientific application, and Multimedia Data
  6. Static Analysis in Java/Object-Oriented Language
  7. Parallel and Distributed Computing in Multimedia such as Image and Computer Graphics

Publications for Big Data on Cloud Computing


  1. Big Data Platform adopting Spark and Use Cases with Open Data”,  Donda, Ram Dharan, Chandra, Manvi. Jongwook Woo Symposium on the High-Performance Big Data Analysis Platform 2016 Seoul, Korea, April 28 2016

  2. Analyze NYC Taxi Data using Hive and Machine Learning”,  Bayan Alghuraybi, Krishna Marvaniya, Guojun Xia in 24th Annual Student Symposium, CalStateLA, Feb 26th 2016

  3. Crime rate data analysis in Los Angeles”,  Sontinani, Ravi Teja; Donda, Ram Dharan; Puli, Sridhar Reddy; Devabathini, Sri Chakra Sanjay in 24th Annual Student Symposium, CalStateLA, February 26th 2016

  4. Geolocation Data Analysis for Safe Residence using HiveQL”, PRIYANKA KALE, PRIYAL MISTRY, HITESH JAGTAP in 24th Annual Student Symposium, CalStateLA, February 26th 2016

  5. Revenue & employment Analysis of International Students in USA”, Priyanka Kale, Apekshit Bhingardive, Aditya Verma in 24th Annual Student Symposium, CalStateLA, February 26th 2016

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It is to implement CRM (Customer Relationship management), SC (Supply Chain), e-Commerce, and m-Commerce etc. in Internet. We are studying its architecture and language to accomplish high-performance solutions.


N-tier architecture, Web Server, Application Server, .NET Platform, WAP server, Database Server, CMS


Spark, Python, Java 2 Enterprise Edition, XML, WML, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#.NET, C++.NET

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  1. Computational Analysis in Solvent Accessible Surface for Protein and DNA complex for PDB files (Propka)
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Internet Protocol

  1. IPv6 (The next generation of Internet Protocol)
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