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Welcome to the home page for the HiPIC (High-Performance Information Computing Center), so called Big Data AI Center, at Computer Information Systems Department of California State University, Los Angeles

Who We Are

The HiPIC center (BigDAI: Big Data AI Center) is to research the technical and educational issues in the Information of Business, Engineering and Scientific Application fields such as Data and Predictive Analysis using Big Data (Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Spark, Deep Learning TensorFlow, IoT), parallel/distributed computing, BI (Machine Learning, Data Mining), Visualization, e-Business Architecture and Language, and Bioinformatics etc. under the direction of  Dr. Jongwook Woo. It was founded by Prof Jongwook Woo since 2003 and many graduate students and engineers have been working on projects.

The HiPIC center has been collaborating with Big Data, BI, and Cloud computing companies such as Databricks, Oracle Cloud, Elasticsearch, Amazon AWS, Cloudera, SAP SAC,  Tableau, Qlik, Microsoft Azure, Wolfram, SAS.

Alternate Web Site: BigDAI Center, BigDAI Center Home 


The BigDAI/HiPIC always invites under/graduate students interested in studying/developing  Big Data Analysis and Prediction using Hadoop Big Data, Spark, Deep Learning TensorFlow, IoT,  BI (Data Mining, Machine Learning), Data Modeling and Visualization, web, CMS, e-Business with Python, R, J2EE, or Rails.

Requirement: Should have taken Prof Woo's one of classes (CIS4560, CIS5200, CIS5560, Summer/Winter Spark & NoSQL class such as CIS4540, CIS4004)

Benefits: (1) Networking opportunity with former HiPIC (BigDAI) alumni and LA City. (2) Chance to use dedicated Big Data service of Oracle Cloud (or AWS, Azure). (3) Strong recommendation letters from Prof Woo. (4) Opprotunity to participate in Industrial and Practical Projects

Interested parties should send an email to [email protected] including a paragraph describing research interests and a resume. Note: it is not a funded opportunity.