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National Program Directors' Prize for Content

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Writers and Writing Programs (AWP))

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"I Thought the Moon Was a Lamppost" by Margaret Lopez

"Last Seen With No Mic, Somewhere Between Bop and Acid Jazz: Dedicated to Missing Poems of Beat Black Arts Sisters" by Jasmine Colbert

"Knife and Fork" by Lindsay William-Ross

"Aftermath" by Jessica Magallanes

"Dusk" by Alicia Viguer-Espert

"Some Days" by Margaret Lopez

"Marletta" by Kerry Evans

"Broken Belly Spiritual" by Jasmine Colbert

"Jazz, Memory" by Jessica Magallanes

"Unidentified Boy" by Joy Jansen

"Mouth" by Margaret Lopez

"Reflections at Dusk" by Norman Lopez

"The Light" by Otis Bardwell

"While Waiting For The Muse" by Alicia Viguer-Espert

"You’re My Father" by Harry Conley

"Cock And Bull" by Jasper Cross

"'We Create Because We Must': An Interview with Mendi and Keith Obadike" by Lanla Gist

"'I Imagined It, And There I Was': An Interview with Rita Dove" by Jasmine Colbert

"'Poetry Is A Primitive Thing': An Interview with U.K. Poet Laureate Andrew Motion" by Juan Carlos Parrilla

Teacup Series (graphics) by Geoffrey Tjakra

statement : voices (the companion CD)

Track Listing

Rich - Monica Ortiz

When Songs Turn Into Frogs and Frogs Turn Into Tattoos - Juan Carlos Parrilla

Hummingbird With Shotgun - Juan Carlos Parrilla

Alley Dream - Juan Carlos Parrilla

Reading the Signs - Barri Clark

Interview Part 1 - Nii Parkes

Perfect Woman - Latisha Jeffers

The Laughter of a Black Girl - Latisha Jeffers

Reflections at Dusk - Norman Lopez

Acknowledgment - Norman Lopez

Interview Part 2 - Nii Parkes

La Serenata - LaVonne Caesar

Survival (Or, The Poet's Secret Exit Strategy) - LaVonne Caesar

Unidentified Boy - Joy Jansen

I am the tree that escaped the crowded forest - Joy Jansen

Interview Part 3 - Nii Parkes

Wigging Out - Don Durkee

Interview Part 4 - Nii Parkes

I Thought the Moon was a Lamppost - Margaret Lopez

Measured - Margaret Lopez

Silent Comedy - Margaret Lopez

Yellow Bathing Suit - Margaret Lopez

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Tim Hane, Jessica Magallanes

Art Direction & Design

Joe Bautista

Art Submissions

Brianne Craven, Lisa Steele

ASI Liaison

Rexana Khan

Audio/Visual Technical Support

Tarik Booker

Editorial Board

Iris Aceves, Tarik Booker, Jasmine Colbert, Natalie Djabourian, Lanla Gist, Joy Jansen, Misty Jackson, Rexana Khan, Margaret Lopez, Lisa Steele, Christy Thu


Courteney Christenson, Lanla Gist, Joy Jansen, Christy Thu

Public Relations & Event Planning

Margaret Barnes, Christian Cabrera, Jasmine Colbert, Brianne Craven, Natalie Djabourian, Lanla Gist, Misty Jackson, Juan Carlos Parrilla, Krystel Viado, Lauren Loskocinski


Lauren Loskocinski, Margaret Barnes, Lanla Gist

Recording Secretary

Natalie Djabourian


Helen Herrera, Joy Jansen, Juan Carlos Parrilla, Brianne Craven

Editor Emeritus/Alumni Advisor

Lindsay William-Ross

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Lauri Ramey