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Fall 2014 Seminar Descriptions

July 22, 2014

Undergraduate Seminars

ENGL 492 Seminar in Literature and Language

Climate Change Fiction with Prof. Benjamin Bateman

This course focuses on representations of climate change in global contemporary literature. Readings might include novels and short stories by Barbara Kingsolver, Ian McEwan, Naomi Klein, Arundhati Roy, T. C. Boyle, Brian Kimberling, Mark Martin, and Jonathan Franzen.

Bodies of Work: Dickenson and Whitman with Prof. Andrew Knighton

This course focuses on the lives and works of the two most significant practitioners of nineteenth-century American poetry: Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman. Our focus will be on materiality, both in the way the names Dickinson and Whitman are assoicated with bodies of textual material that are fundamentally unstable and how bodies themselves are thematized in the work of these two poets.

Graduate Seminars

ENGL 510 Proseminar in Literature

Literature as Difference with Prof. Lauri Ramey

This course will focus on poetry that has been categorized as unconventional, avant-garde, experimental, oppositional, “difficult,” “strange” or marginalized, and critical texts relevant to its production and evaluation. (Acrobat icon learn more)

ENGL 560 Seminar: British Literature

Modernism in and beyond the Local/Global, National/Post-National, Human/Post-Human with Prof. Hema Chari

This course will examine how certain canonical writers such as Rebecca West, James Joyce, and Virginia Woolf have expanded the portrayals of their literary horizons to include local and global perspectives and show how such shifts allow us to nuance and historicize our understandings of Modernism and modernity. While this course will focus on some of the canonical works of modernists, the course will also concentrate on other literary contributions to modernism that challenged and re-wrote the Euro-American modernist visions of modernity. (Acrobat icon learn more)

ENGL 570 Seminar: American Literature

Chicana Literature with Prof. Linda Greenberg

This course examines the historical evolution and rise of Chicana literature from its late nineteenth century roots through the 1960s-70s Chicano/a movement and to the present.