Future Events

19th International James Fenimore Cooper Conference and Seminar: Call for Papers. July 8-12, 2013, SUNY, College at Oneonta, New York

Nathaniel Hawthorne Society: "Hawthorne in the Berkshires": Call for Papers. June 12-15, 2014, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA), North Adams

Dates and Places of Future ALA Conferences:

Update on Labor Dispute at Hyatt:

At its 2012 business meeting, the representatives of the American Literature Association agreed unanimously that the organization would not meet at any hotel that was involved in a union boycott. Because of that I have told the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco that we could not meet in their hotel again until its labor dispute was settled and there was a new contract with the union. I also told them that we needed two years to plan our conferences and that we could therefore not meet in their hotel in 2014 and would also have to cancel our 2016 contract if the labor dispute was not settled by 2014. After some very unpleasant discussion, the hotel agreed to defer the 2014 contract to 2018. Our assumption is that the labor disputes will be settled within the next two years; if they are not, we will have to revisit these issues.

2014:    Washington, D.C. May 22-25, 2014

2015:    Boston, MA. May 21-24, 2015

2016:    Date and Location to be Determined

2017:    Boston, MA. May 25-28, 2017