Message from OSS Director

Message from OSS Director

Oss Director

As I began a new and exciting chapter in my life as the CCOE’s Director of the Office for Student Services this month, I could not be more thrilled. I am looking forward to meeting everyone, becoming a contributor to our collective agenda, and, above all, serving our current students and future educators by providing them positive student experiences.

It is our collective goal to help students find their voices, develop their aptitudes, best utilize our educational institution, and successively pass all of what they gain at the CCOE forward to their future students through their careers as educators. Demography is destiny—to the extent that we can anticipate and meet the demands of our current students who come with the proper cultural competencies and talents to address classroom inequality as we prepare them to help mend the broken academic pipeline. It is no longer altruistic that we change the educational landscape, but it is definitely for self-preservation. This is precisely why I feel all of us are obligated to continue doing our part. As Director of the Office for Student Services, I see our primary goals as supporting the enrollment growth of the CCOE, while providing the highest quality of service to our students. These two goals are intertwined and will require us to think in bold and innovative ways. I plan to work in a collaborative manner and listen to ideas all individuals propose as we enhance the teaching and learning taking place at the CCOE.

Over the last nine years, I had the privilege to work in higher education in different capacities. From serving as the Director of Field and Enrollment Administration for The National Hispanic University, to working directly for the Vice Provost for Student Affairs at Stanford University, and even as a Judicial Administration Fellow with the Los Angeles Superior Court where I was responsible for the court’s education initiatives, I learned high quality service and a consultative approach will build trust and rapport with our students and promote their achievements within any educational institution. I am eager to bring these experiences and my work ethic to the CCOE team. I look forward to learning from everyone and working together towards implementing the best practices that drive a student-centered learning experience. Being an engaged student will not only provide an amazing sense of empowerment, but be extremely enjoyable and exciting. We will measure our success by how well we continue to revitalize the CCOE culture by fostering a passionate pursuit towards innovation and creativity in learning within our faculty, staff, and students. 

Office of Student Services

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