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About Us

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The Charter College of Education (CCOE) at California State University, Los Angeles is committed to lead educators in transforming public schools and related community service agencies. The CCOE offers a coordinated inter-transdisciplinary approach to the education of children and youth. Collaborating within the CCOE and with public schools and various educational agencies in the greater Los Angeles area and beyond, the faculty prepares professionals to become learner advocates who show competence in subject matter, professional knowledge, and disciplinary skillsets. 
More importantly, the CCOE’s faculty are dedicated to improving the educational environment of all children, youth, and their families.

The CCOE has kept the following goals in the forefront in every activity it pursues:

  • Create collaborative programs that interact successfully with schools and the communities we serve
  • Prepare teachers who are well-grounded in subject matter and learner-based pedagogy
  • Prepare and support professionals who value inquiry in their own learning and teaching and are learner advocates who encourage diversity
  • Measure the effectiveness of teaching practices in the real world and in classrooms
  • Use technology as a means of transforming schools and the learning community
  • Conduct research that leads to transformative changes in teaching practices
  • Close the achievement gap for low-income and culturally and linguistically diverse children



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