Student Organization Event Registration

Student Organization Event Registration Academic Year 2020-2021 

Event Registration Procedures 

In compliance with University and local City and County of Los Angeles guidelines, Cal State LA student organization events and meetings for Fall Semester 2020 are required to be held in virtual format only.  This applies to the following types of previously held events and activities including but not limited to: 

  • Social events 
  • Recruitment events 
  • New membership intake events and processes 
  • Information tabling or organizational promotions 
  • Community service or philanthropic events  
  • Organization meetings (both officer meetings and general body meetings) 
  • Workshops, trainings, and speaker events 
  • Conference, conventions, and retreats 

Student organizations are prohibited from holding in-person events, meetings, and activities either on or off campus.  In addition, the following in-person elements will not be approved for student organization events and as such should be excluded from your planning processes: 

  • Food for public consumption provided by the organization
  • Alcohol consumption or access to alcohol 
  • Activities that require general release waivers 
  • Benefits to proceeds/fundraising transactions conducted in person 
  • On-Campus space and room reservations  

Failure to comply with these virtual student organization procedures and requirements could ultimately result in your organization’s loss of University recognition and the benefits associated with that status for the remainder of the 2020-2021 Academic Year to be reviewed for Fall 2021.  Furthermore, confirmed student organization procedure violations, including but not limited to event registration, may ultimately lead to individual student conduct proceedings.   

Prior to the start of the Spring 2021 semester, these procedures will be reviewed and updated in accordance with University and Los Angeles city and county of guidelines. 

Event Registration Form 

Student organizations are required to complete and submit an Event Registration Form for all virtual events which are defined as any activity that is other than a meeting.  The form can be found online and must be submitted through the Presence platform.

Completed forms must be approved by a recognized officer and the organization advisor before they are submitted online, at least 10 business days prior to the event.  Failure to complete all sections/fields of the form or to supply any other required forms can delay the review process and/or may require your organization to select another event date until the form is considered complete.   

The event must be successfully registered before your organization can publicize it.  No publicity may be distributed in person.  All publicity must be posted online and only after the Event Registration Form has been approved. If this form is not submitted at least ten business days prior to the event and before publicity is distributed, the event may be cancelled.

Event Registration Form Guidelines:

When completing the form online pay attention to the following: 

  • The form must be approved by one of the five officers listed on the Officer Information Form and by the organization's faculty/staff advisor.   
  • These approvals indicate that the officers and advisor will "take responsibility to ensure that the event which the organization is sponsoring will follow all guidelines set forth by the University."   
  • All fields must be answered in order for the form to be considered complete.   
  • The organization hosting the event must be the primary organizer of the event and organization members must be present to supervise during the entire event.  
  • The sponsoring organization is responsible for the conduct of all participants as well as other guests in attendance. 

If your organization has any questions on how to complete the Event Registration Form, please do not hesitate to email CSI at [email protected].  For more information on facilitating and hosting virtual student organization events and meetings, please refer to the CSI Virtual Engagement Resource Guide.  

Student Organization Event Planning 

A student organization must submit an Event Registration Form for any event they are affiliated with, sponsor, or co-sponsor.  Here are some questions to determine if the organization should complete the form for an event. 

Is the organization… 

  • Planning the virtual event? 
  • Contributing money toward the virtual event? 
  • Assisting with the logistics or implementation of the virtual event?
  • Represented on a committee that is planning the virtual event? 
  • Allowing their name or logo to appear on virtual/online publicity? 
  • Promoting marketing for it? 
  • Volunteering or co-facilitating the virtual event?

If the organization members answer “yes” to any of these questions, an Event Registration Form must be submitted. 

What about general meetings? 

General meetings that are only open to club members do not need to be registered with the Event Registration Form as these are not considered events.  If your organization would like to feature its general meetings through the Presence platform, you can then submit an event registration form for it, but meetings are not required to be registered.