My courses use Canvas.

Fall 2020

  • I taught CS 4555-01: Introduction to 3D Game Programming for Fall 2020.
    This course covers game design and development, with a focus on the Unity game engine.

Spring 2021

  • I am teaching CS 4540-02: Topics in Advanced Computer Science: Human Centered Computing for Spring 2021.
    This course covers topics such as human-computer interaction, user interface design, evaluation, and interaction modalities.

Future Courses

  • I am developing several courses for future terms. One will examine Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality. Another course will be an introduction to Computational Thinking.
  • I may also teach some of the following courses in the future:
    • CS 3550     Game Development for Graphic Communications
    • CS 4555     Introduction to 3D Computer Game Programming
    • CS 4556     Multiplayer Online Game Design and Development
    • CS 5875     Human Issues in Computing