Lab Equipment


Biomek F/X Laboratory Automation Workstation. This liquid handler is used for High Throughput Screens. It has dual pods (96 pipette head and a span-8 head. The workstation is integrated with a Molecular Devices' FilterMax F5 plate reader and a Canon EOS 60D digital camera for automated phenotype imaging.

This is the Laboratory Automation Workstation Biomek F/X


Tomtec Quadra3 Liquid Handler. This piece of equipment is also used for High Throughput Screens. It has four plate stackers and a 96-pipette head.

A liquid handler


Multidrop 384 Bulk Dispenser. The bulk dispenser is integrated with a RapidStak microplate stacker. It can dispense one to 8 different reagents (or media) into 96-well or 384-well microplates for high throughput screens.

a robotic dispensor


Tecan Plate reader with CONNECT stackers. A Tecan Infinity F200 Pro plate reader is integrated with a CONNECT plate stacker system. This unit can provide kinetic or end-point read-outs for multiple modes of detection (optical density, fluorescence, chemiluminescence).

A robotic plate reader


OmniLog Combo System from BIOLOG. This instrument can perform microbial identification as well as cellular profiling (Phenotype Microarray).

OmniLog Combo


ABI 7500 FAST Real Time PCR System. This high-end real time PCR system can analyze gene expression and gene doses.

real time PCR system


PCR workstation. This workstation is used during PCR setup to minimize contamination of unrelated nucleic acids.

PCR workstation