Return to Campus

Cal State LA is planning for the University community’s return to campus beginning in fall 2021. This will be done with health and safety as our top priority. This page will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.

For the fall, we are planning to resume in-person teaching while continuing to offer virtual instruction. Stakeholders from across the University are working together to develop plans to address issues concerning the pandemic and the resumption of on-campus operations. Learn more about the planning groups.

Campus Plan

University leadership is collaborating closely with public health officials to safeguard the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and local communities as we continue to confront the evolving dynamics of the COVID-19 crisis. Read the Campus COVID-19 Plan. This plan will be updated for the fall 2021 semester.

Information by Area

Academic Instruction

Because of the continuing threat posed by the pandemic, Cal State LA is delivering a majority of its classes virtually for spring 2021.

For the fall, we are planning to resume in-person teaching while continuing to offer virtual instruction. As circumstances change, we must make adjustments. For this reason, we will not abruptly shift from remote learning and working, to in-person learning and working. We expect that next academic year will be a transitional year, with face-to-face learning and virtual learning both operating, and on-campus support commensurate with what is needed for the returning population.

Employees on Campus

The vast majority of staff will continue to telework remotely until such time that the health and safety of a more fully populated campus can be assured. For the small number of employees required to maintain core campus operations, the Cal State LA Office of Risk Management and Environmental, Health and Safety is working with all divisions to follow the guidance of state and local public health officials.

Employees unable to return to campus when directed will contact Human Resources Management (HRM) to determine next steps. Employees who are 65 or older, or who have underlying medical conditions or compromised immune systems, will be allowed to continue working remotely.

Academic Affairs

The Division of Academic Affairs requires that all faculty and staff requesting access to campus for instructional activities complete an On-Campus Instructional Activity Protocol form. This protocol requires that all participants complete COVID-19 safety training. All requests are reviewed by the college dean before being submitted to RMEHS to conduct safety site assessments with faculty present to further ensure proper safety measures, including PPE, are in-place.

The office evaluates all proposals against our weekly updated records of all Academic Affairs-approved campus activities to ensure that we are maintaining appropriately low density across buildings, floors, dates and times. The office also ensures that faculty and staff have adequate safety and sanitation resources and utilization plans.

Academic Affairs will have instructors add a COVID-19 self-screening to their Canvas course pages, based on the survey featured on the Health Watch website. This Canvas survey will be completed by every enrolled student each day in which there is an in-person instructional component on campus. Instructors will then have a record of all students who completed the self-assessment and attested to their lack of COVID-19 symptoms every day in which they meet in person.

Health and Safety Protocols

The Cal State LA Office of Risk Management and Environmental, Health and Safety (RMEHS) is working with all divisions to follow the guidance of state and local public health officials. These measures include maintaining hand sanitizing stations, conducting health self-screenings, rearranging furniture and work areas to provide adequate physical distancing, frequently cleaning restrooms and high-touch areas, installing plexiglass protective coverings in areas where employees may interact with the public, and providing face coverings and other personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, face shields and gloves.

Cal State LA is committed to ensuring the safety of the University community. Divisions, departments and offices are provided a safety site assessment to manage their operations in a safe manner that complies with federal, state and local guidelines. Please visit the RMEHS COVID-19 Safety Site Assessment webpage for more information and email [email protected] for a safety site assessment.

Signage has been placed on buildings, in elevators and stairwells, and across campus with messaging about requirements for face coverings, 6-foot physical distancing, and one-way entry and exit routes, as well as symptoms and signs of coronavirus.

Cal State LA is working to follow County Public Health protocols regarding prohibiting the use of water fountains and ensuring that water systems and features are safe to use in the event of a prolonged facility shutdown.

Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols have been implemented for areas used by anyone with a confirmed case of COVID-19. For additional details, refer to the Campus COVID-19 Plan.

Visitors to Campus

To help maintain healthy operations, RMEHS is collaborating with all divisions to ensure that absenteeism is monitored and staff are cross-trained. RMEHS has worked with all divisions to schedule visitors to campus buildings by appointment only and to ensure they are pre-registered in a visitor log. Visitors with children will be reminded that children must stay next to a parent at all times.


The University strongly encourages students, faculty and staff to receive COVID-19 vaccinations when they are available to you. The free COVID-19 Vaccination Center at Cal State LA is open and will operate seven days a week, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Vaccinations are by appointment only. Those seeking vaccination may check their eligibility and make a drive-thru or walk-up appointment through the state’s MyTurn scheduling system or by calling (833) 422-4255. The Vaccination Center, operated by the state and federal government, follows the tiered priority distribution system mandated by the state of California.

Learn more about the Cal State LA Vaccination Center.

HEERF II Funding

Cal State LA has been allocated $61,905,561 through the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund II (HEERF II), part of the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2021, passed by Congress. Federal guidelines earmarked at least $18,957,083 for our students. The remaining $42,948,478 is our HEERF II Institutional Portion. In the next several weeks, the University will begin distributing the HEERF II Student Portion.

The funds can be used to cover expenses related to the pandemic, such as food, health care, technology, course materials, and child-care expenses. As was the case with the Student Portion of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding, which was distributed in spring and fall 2020, students will receive varying amounts of assistance. Funding is based on the financial need of each student. Most students, regardless of need or other financial aid award, will receive a baseline amount of assistance.

To ensure that all our students in need receive emergency assistance, Cal State LA will use other funding sources for students who are not eligible to receive HEERF II funds, including undocumented students and international students.

Our allocation of the HEERF II funding that is not designated for direct payment to students will be determined as we receive further guidance from the Biden administration.

Cal State LA has purchased more than 5,000 Wi-Fi hotspots and laptop computers to assist with virtual learning and internet connectivity issues. More than 2,000 laptops and hotspots have been distributed to students and faculty who needed the technology. The University will continue to provide laptops and hotspots to additional students and faculty members who have a need for these devices.

Find more information on the HEERF II funding on the HEERF webpage


Any faculty requesting lab or studio consideration for the restoration of Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity will need to follow the RSCA approval process. Reopening considerations will be different for individual labs or studios. Each lab or studio must have an approved safety and reoccupation plan.

The RSCA approval process involves five steps: 1) complete all required safety training; 2) complete the RSCA Reopening Application and Rationale Form; 3) send documents to RSCA College Review Committee; 4) request a Safety Site Assessment; and 5) submit RSCA application material via DocuSign.

Faculty/PI will submit the RSCA Reopening Application on behalf of students, assuming the student meets the guidelines in place. Please note that colleges may have additional forms or requirements, so the Faculty/PI should communicate with their associate dean prior to submitting the application for further clarification. Learn more and start the RSCA reopening application process.

Parking and Transportation Services

RMEHS is working with the campus Office of Parking and Transportation Services to follow the guidance of County Public Health regarding measures to ensure physical distancing and protect drivers and passengers utilizing University vehicles on campus, as well as to provide on-campus biking infrastructure. RMEHS is also working with all divisions to encourage students and employees who rely on mass transit to consider using alternative transportation options, per the guidance of State Public Health. During operation of the Cal State LA Vaccination Center, employees visiting campus may park in Structure B and Structure C.


The physical location of the University Library is closed until further notice. The Library will provide all library services and access to library resources remotely. The Library has created a dedicated guide (Library Resources for Alternative Instruction/Learning) to provide updates on Library operations, guidance on online and remote access and links to Library electronic resources, online services and more. You can also access this guide from the Library homepage.

Returning Materials

The Library has extended the due date to June 15, 2021 for all items and borrowers. The Library asks that you hold onto your checked-out books for now, if possible. For books that are already overdue, or if you have an urgent need to return your books now, please email [email protected].


Limited on-campus housing is continuing to be provided to students in spring 2021, and dining services are being offered in a manner that ensures strict adherence to risk mitigation protocols outlined by public health officials. On-campus housing consists of apartment-style units that allow students to be placed individually in units. Units will be set aside in the event that students and faculty need to be quarantined after testing positive for COVID-19.

To minimize interaction between students and dining service staff and maintain physical distancing, all meals will be pre-packaged for pickup. All common areas in campus housing such as the dining area, break room, recreation room, and basketball courts are closed.

Cal State LA is working with officials from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to plan for the fall.


The California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) suspended competition for spring 2021. Cal State LA Intercollegiate Athletics (Athletics) will not open facilities or allow for student-athletes to return to campus during spring 2021. Our plan for Athletics will be reviewed and modified if the changing dynamics of the COVID-19 crisis result in revised guidance from state and local public health officials and the CCAA.