Online Photo Submission

The Online Photo Submission is a service provided to students. All students must have their GET account activated. For more information, please visit /its/helpdesk/gettingstarted.

To get started, please submit a photo following the instructions below. Once your photo is submitted, the Golden Eagle One Card Office will review your photo and email you with approval or next steps if your photo cannot be used. For questions, please contact the Golden Eagle One Card Office at [email protected]


By uploading your photo ID, you are agreeing to the Terms and conditions. Please complete and sign at the One Card Office once an email receipt of your One Card is ready for pick-up.


  • Please submit a recent color photo of yourself (taken within the last six months), without any added effects
  • The background should be a solid neutral color (white, off-white, cream, beige, or light gray)
  • Your photo should display your full front view of your face, from the crown of the head to the collarbone; similar to a driver’s license or passport 
  • A natural or neutral expression or smile
  • Photo in [jpg format size between 300KB to 2MB]


  • Head coverings are acceptable due to religious beliefs, provided the head covering shows a full front view of the face but do not cast a shadow onto the face
  • Prescription glasses may be worn for the photo; however, there should be no reflections from the eyeglasses that obscure the eyes


  • Hats, sunglasses, or other items that obscure the face
  • Glare on glasses; closed eyes
  • Eyes looking down or to either side
  • Dark glasses or nonprescription glasses with tinted lenses are not acceptable unless they are needed for medical reasons. A medical certificate may be required.
  • Shadows on the face
  • Other visible people, pets or objects in the photo
  • Inappropriate expressions
  • Group Photos
  • Blurry Photos
  • Black and White photos
  • Photos with your hand resting on your face
  • Crop off the top of your head or side angle your face
  • Photos taken more than six months ago


  • Click here and sign-in with your MyCalStateLA email account
  • Click on Profile
  • Click Submit a new photo


Before going to pick up your One Card at the Golden Eagle One Card Office located at the Student Services Building, Room 2232, please pay the $5 One Card fee.

  • Online Photo ID Payment: Log in through MyCalState LA and select Transact Payment or directly at (There is no convenience fee if paying by a savings or checking bank account; a 2.65% convenience fee applies for a credit card or debit card.)
  • In-Person Payment: Cash or check payments are accepted at One-Stop Financial Services located in the Student Services Building, Room 2380.