Spring 2016 Luncheon Photos

The Spring 2016 Emeriti Luncheon and Annual Meeting was held on May 20, 2016, in the Golden Eagle Ballroom on campus. A highlight of this event was the award of the 2015-16 academic year's Emeriti Fellowships to 6 outstanding recepients. The awarding ceremony, normally held during the Fall Luncheon of the Association was delayed this year due to a changed university calendar. Cal State LA president Dr. William A. Covino offered greetings to the group. Guest speaker during the event was Dr. Lynn Mahoney, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Cal State LA. Some photos taken during the event follow: (Photographs by Dr. John A. Kirchner, Emeritus Professor of Geogaphy and Transportation)

The Planning Committee: (L to R) T. Jean Adenika, Marilyn Friedman, Diane Klein, Diane Vernon, Rosemarie Marshall-Holt, Janet Fisher-Hoult at 2016 spring luncheon

The Planning Committee: (L to R) T. Jean Adenika, Marilyn Friedman, Diane Klein, Diane Vernon, Rosemarie Marshall-Holt, Janet Fisher-Hoult

Don Dewey, Len Mathy, T. Jean Adenika at spring 2016 luncheon

Don Dewey, Len Mathy, T. Jean Adenika

Janet Fisher- Hoult at Spring 2016 luncheon

Janet Fisher- Hoult

Charley Hoult at spring 2016 luncheon

Charley Hoult

john wood; man in fedora hat with a red feather wearing a three piece suit

John Wood

Peter Brier and Frieda Stahl

Peter Brier, Frieda Stahl

Janet Fisher-Hoult woth Body Language book

Janet Fisher-Hoult

Bill Taylor and Val Margaziotis:

Bill Taylor, Val Margaziotis

Vicente Zapata and Barbara Sinclair

Vicente Zapata, Barbara Sinclair

BSinclair, DAguilar & Mriedman -

Barbara Sinclair, Darlene Aguilar, Marilyn Friedman

JWilliams in suit and scarf and glasses, JOhn Clemanbi n blazer and MMagolske

Jacqueline Williams, John Cleman, Maria Magolske

John Cleman with William Covino

John Cleman, Dorothy Keane, President William Covino

Jack Holt and Vicente Zapata laughing at table

Jack Holt, Vicente Zapata

Joe Casanava, leah zeller,& Bill Darrough around table before event

Joe Casanova, Leah Zeller, Bill Darrough

Pres Covino at podium

President William Covino

Lynn Nahoney provost with John Cleman

Provost Lynn Mahoney, John Cleman

Jim Brady, Claudia Camacho-Trejo and Oscar Gamora

Jim Brady, Claudia Camacho-Trejo, Ocar Gomora

Diane Klein and Michael Carter

Diane Klein, Michael Carter

German Medina and Amalia Castaneda at table

German Medina, Amalia Castaneda

Kathy Reilly, Micahel Carter and Diane Klein at event

Kathy Reilly, Michael Carter, Diane Klein

Charley Hoult, Dimitri Margaziotis and Janet Fisher- Hoult

Charley Hoult, Dimitri Margaziotis, Janet Fisher-Hoult

Dick Keys at table

Dick Keys

Dominita Dunitrescu, Scott Wells, and Maria Magolske sitting at table

Domnita Dumitrescu, Scott Wells, Maria Magolske

Alfredo Gonzalez and Dorothy Keane laughing

Alfredo Gonzalez, Dorothy Keane

Rosemarie Marshall-Holt, Jonathoin Choy,and Diane Vernon

Rosemarie Marshall-Holt, Jonathan Choy, Diane Vernon

Lynn Mahoney,John Cleman,Stan Burstein, & Dorothy Keane

Provost Lynn Mahoney, John Cleman, Stan Burstein, Dorothy Keane

Lynn Mahoney at  podium

Provost Lynn Mahoney

Helen Pitsiou-Darrough and Bill Darrough at luncheon

Helen Pitsiou-Darrough, Bill Darrough


Alfredo Gonzalez

Allfredo Gonzalez at podium

Alfredo Gonzalez

JCleman, DKeys,LMahoney. Jteele, FStahl looking at speaker

John Cleman, Dick Keys, Lynn Mahoney, Len Mathy, James Steele, Frieda Stahl

LMathy, male student james steele

Len Mathy, James Steele

Dimitri Margaziotis and Meher Beigui Masihi -

Dimitri Margaziotis, Meher Beigi Masihi

Janet FIsher-Hoult with Meher Beigi-Masihi

Meher Beigi Masihi, Janet Fisher-Hoult

Janet Fisher-Hoult welcoming Jose Perez, male student wearing suit

Jose Perez, Janet Fisher-Hoult

JosePerez, in business attire behind podium and using microphone

Jose Perez, Janet Fisher-Hoult

Diane Klein woman in jacket with scarf who is standing at podium

Diane Klein

Leah Zeller,woman wearing dress/flowers,standing behind podium

Leah Zeller

Claudia Camacho-Trejo, Diane Klein

Claudia Camacho-Trejo, Diane Klein

Amalia Castaneda-

Amalia Castaneda

J.Steele, shaking hands with Rosemarie Marshall- holt

James Steele, Rosemarie Marshall-Holt

J,Steele, man wearing suit and tie,behind podium

James Steele

M.Friedman standing behind podium and speaking into microphone

Mailyn Friedman

Marilyn Friedman, Carina Vasquez behind the podium

Marilyn Friedman, Carina Vasquez

Marshall Cates&T. Jean Adenika;

Marshall Cates, T. Jean Adenika

Vicente Zapata

Vicente Zapata

John Clema:man wearing wizard hat, pointing stick to Len Mathy

John Clema, Len Mathy