Executive Committee Members 2022-2023 (As of January 1, 2023)

Positions elected by the Membership:

Kathryn C. Reilly, President (2022-2024)
Jose L. Galvan, Immediate Past President / Vice President (2022-2024)
Patricia A. Chin, President Elect (2022-2024)
Beatrice Yorker, Programs Director  (2022-2023) completing a term
Deborah L. Schaeffer, Membership Director (2022-2024)
Martin E. Huld, Secretary (2022-2024)
Marshall Cates, Treasurer (2022-2023)
Positions approved by Executive Committee:
John A. Kirchner, Web Manager (2022-2025)
Stephen F. Felszeghy, Data Base Manager (2022-2025)
Alfredo  Gonzalez, Chair, Fellowship Committee (2022-2024)
Dorothy L. Keane, Chair, Emeritimes Editorial Board (2022-2024)
Marshall  Cates, Chair, Fiscal Committee, Ex Officio (2022-2024)
Deborah L. Schaeffer, Chair, Membership Committee, Ex Officio (2022-2024)
Peter Brier, Chair, Lifelong Learning Committee (2022-2024)
Bill Taylor, Senate Representative (2022-2023) completing a term
John  Cleman, Senate Representative (2022-2024)
Jose L. Galvan, ERFSA Council Delegate (2022-2024)
Kevin Baaske, ERFSA Council Delegate (2022-2023) completing a term
Open, Members-at-Large (2021-2023)
Paula J. Arvedson, Members-at-Large (2022-2024)
Gerald Beer, Members-at-Large (2021-2023)
Lorie Judson, Members-at-Large (2022-2023) completing a term
Stephen E.G. LaDochy, Members-at-Large (2021-2023)
Andrew J. Winnick, Members-at-Large  (2022-2024)
Janet Fischer-Houl, Lifelong Executive

Past Presidents:

Jose L. Galvan, 2020-2021
William A. Taylor, 2019-2020
Stanley M. Burstein, 2017-2019
John Cleman, 2015-2017
Dorothy L. Keane, 2013-2015
William A. Taylor, 2011-2013
Martin S. Roden, 2009-2011
Harold Goldwhite, 2007-2009
Louis Negrete, 2005-2007
Barbara P. Sinclair, 2003-2005
Donald O. Dewey, 2000-2003
Leon Schwartz, 1998-2000
Frieda A. Stahl, 1996-1998
Kenneth Phillips, 1994-1996
James Dunkelberg, 1992-1994
Carol G. Smallenburg, 1991-1992
Mildred G. Massey, 1990-1991
Mary Gromly, 1989-1990
Laird B. Allison, 1988-1989
Pauline C. Schatz, 1987-1988
Donald A. Moore, 1986-1987
Gene B. Tipton, 1985-1986
Sidney P. Albert, 1984-1985
Donald G. Mortensen, 1983-1984
Michael F. Grisafe, 1982-1983
Alice C. Thompson, 1981-1982
Robert J. Forbes, 1980-1981
Clifford Dobson, 1979-1980
Keith D. Snyder, 1978-1979