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ECHO has been working hard to make learning about oral health easy and fun! Look below for activities and resources we've created to keep your smile healthy!

2x2x2 Rule Handout:

Did you know how often you should brush, floss, and visit the dentist?

This handout tells you how to take care of your teeth at home!

¿Sabía con qué frecuencia debe cepillarse, usar hilo dental y visitar al dentista?

¡Este folleto te explica cómo cuidar tus dientes en casa!

English Handout:


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Spanish Handout:


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Learn a Fun Flossing Activity!

Looking for a fun activity? Teach your child how to floss using an egg carton (or stacking blocks), string, and some play dough. This video shows you how!


Learn About How to Brush Your Teeth

Follow along with our friend Doug to learn good techniques for brushing your teeth.


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Oral Health 101


This presentation describes why oral health is important, as well as how to brush and floss. It also provides information about Medi-Cal dental and other resources for oral health.

Version 2 also includes information about services offered by Medi-Cal dental, including transportation, translation, right to a second opinion, and grievances.

Version 1 - Click Here

Version 2 - Click Here

Oral Health
(15 minutes)


This presentation is a shorter version of our general oral health presentations.

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Your Smile Matters


This presentation provides an overview of oral health and oral health care. Version 2 also includes information about nutrition. Version 3 is Halloween-themed.

Version 1 - Click Here

Version 2 - Click Here

Version 3 - Click Here

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Happy Tooth, Sad Tooth Children Identify which food items make our teeth happy or sad. Click Here

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CSULA Screenings: Cohort 3

This short video provides insight into what it was like in the field! It features our 3rd cohort of student interns developing their skills while delivering oral health education to college students.