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About Us- link page: Dalila, Jocelyn, and Patrick smiling as they pose for picture at community event

The Educational Community Health Outreach – Local Dental Pilot Project (ECHO-LDPP) was established to address oral health disparities in Los Angeles County.  

Meet the faculty and staff who contributed to ECHO-LDPP!

ECHO team and U.S.C. dentist at community event

ECHO Shares 
Access resources for oral health and other needs.


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ECHO Partners
Learn more about ECHO-LDPP's community partners.


Student Interns and assistants- link: Group event

 ECHO Internship
 Learn about the ECHO-LDPP

Interdisciplinary Field Training Program.

Spring Conference

ECHO Talks
Read communications from ECHO, including the weekly Wellness Briefings.


Student Internship

Third year student intern

The Interdisciplinary Field Training Program was established to help students develop professional skills using an interdisciplinary approach. 

Student interns in the field

Student interns were equipped to work in the field through an array of trainings and workshops.

ECHO's seconf cohort

ECHO was committed to students' life-long learning. 
Learn more about the student-internship program

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