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QM Preparatory Review

Here are the steps to prepare for and submit for a Quality Matters (QM) Preparatory Review at Cal State LA. These steps are applicable for those participating in Options 1, 2, or 3 of the Online Course Development Program.

1. Selecting the course shell for review

If you plan to use a Canvas course shell that was used during an academic term, you should request a Canvas Special Shell to use as a Sandbox. Then, import your content into the sandbox which will be used during the review.

If you plan to use your OCDP Sandbox for peer review, you may still want to make a copy of that shell rather than submit your sandbox URL for Preparatory Review. You will be removing all due dates in the course shell you submit for review. By making a copy for Preparatory Review, you can still continue to refine your course shell used during OCDP programming. Request an additional Canvas shell to make this course copy.

2. Prepare your Canvas course for a review

The peer reviewer will have "student" access to your course. To ensure that a reviewer can view your entire course, please complete the following:

  1. Remove all due dates and availability dates from assignments, quizzes, discussions, and other course items.
  2. Ensure all quizzes are set for unlimited attempts.
  3. Remove prerequisties, requirements, and lock dates from your modules.
  4. Use "Student View" in your Canvas course to check that everything can be accessed by a student in the course.
    • Could the reviewer access all relevant course navigation items?
    • Are Zoom recordings or other videos only accessible to previous students?
    • Are all links accessible to students?
    • Is the course heavily dependent on a third-party software, such as WileyPlus? Additional screenshots or guest access may be required.

For more guidance, access this longer Preparatory Review Course Preparation checklist.

3. Complete a self-review using the full QM rubric

Please note that a QM Preparatory Review will cover the full QM rubric. Your submitted course will be evaluated against all 42 QM specific review standards. It is highly recommended that you complete a self-review of your course. QM has an online self-review tool available to all Cal State LA faculty. Watch this video on how to use the QM self-review tool.

4. Complete the QM Preparatory Review Intake Form

When completing the intake form, you will be required to upload your Course-Level Objectives and your Module-Level Objectives. You may also optionally upload a course map. Please have these files ready before you access the Intake Form.

Also, please ensure you have a MyQM account on the Quality Matters site. Please review the instructions on creating a MyQM account if needed.

Upon your completion of the Intake Form, your course- and module-level objectives will be reviewed for measurability. Please note, a QM Preparatory Review will not move forward if more than 85% of your course-level objectives or module-level objectives are not measurable.

Once these have been assessed, a request for a QM Preparatory Review will be initiated with Quality Matters. Once approved by QM, you will be asked to complete a Course Worksheet. You will receive an email when your Course Worksheet is available, and it can be accessed by following the steps below. This process may take one or more weeks.

5. Complete the QM Course Worksheet

If needed, watch this video tutorial on completing the QM Course Worksheet.

  1. Log into myQM and click “CRMS” in the blue “Higher Education” top banner.
  2. Select “Open Course Reviews” from the “My Course Reviews” left menu.
  3. Select the “Courses I've Submitted for Review” tab.
  4. Select the “View” icon for the applicable course number.
    • A course here would only be available if the request for a course review has been processed (note step 2 above).
  5. Select "Edit" in the “Review Actions” section towards the top of the screen.
  6. Answer each question.
  7. Question 11 asks you to upload a full list of the course-level and module-level objectives in a document. You may re-use the same Word document you provided in the Intake Form in the previous step.
  8. Save all your work.
  9. Click "Submit Complete Worksheet" in the subsequent page.

Once the Course Worksheet is submitted, QM will identify a peer reviewer for your course. This may take a few days or a couple of weeks depending on the discipline and course topic. You will be notified by your assigned peer reviewer for a pre-review call.

6. Join the Pre-Review Call

Your assigned peer reviewer will reach out to schedule a pre-review call. Please ensure you answer any emails promptly.

The following individuals will be invited to this call:

  • The assigned QM peer reviewer
  • The campus QM coordinator
  • The Course Representative (you)

During this call, you can ask questions about the review process and share any areas you would specifically like feedback on, and you may be asked to share a bit of background about the course. Once this call concludes, the Preparatory Review Process has officially started.

7. Wait for the QM Preparatory Review to convene and conclude

QM Preparatory Reviews generally take 3-4 weeks to conclude. During this time, the reviewer may reach out to you with additional questions or ask you to make small adjustments to your course. Please ensure you answer any reviewer emails promptly to keep the review going.

You will be notified once the review concludes. You will then have access to the full review report that includes recommendations to further improve your course.

If the course passes the review, your Dean will be notified and sent a copy of the full report.

If the course does not pass the review, you can opt for an amendment process where you can make adjustments to the course to meet QM Preparatory Review standards. You may be given several weeks to review the recommendations and make adjustments to the course. You will need to submit an amendment form specifying your revisions by the deadline given by QM. At that time, the peer reviewer will check any amendments and assess whether the course passes Preparatory Review. Again, you will be notified and sent additional information. After the amendment timeframe, your Dean will be notified and sent a copy of the full report to make a final determination about the program stipend.