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ACUE Showcase

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ACUE Showcase - Overview

Faculty who have earned the ACUE Certificate in Effective College Instruction, awarded by the Association of College and University Educators, and endorsed by the American Council on Education (ACE), are distinguished as instructors with a commitment to educational excellence.These instructors have implemented effective and equity-promoting teaching practices promote student engagement, persistence to graduation, and deeper levels of learning in their course(s). Data shows ACUE Certified faculty retain more students, measurably improve student achievement, and close equity gaps.

ACUE - Credentialed Faculty

Congratulations to the faculty who have completed the Certificate in Effective College Instruction!

College of Arts and Letters

  • Ashley Aragon, Communication Studies
  • Emily Baird, English
  • Alexandra Cao Ying, Art
  • Deborah Conway De Prieto, English
  • William Cooper, English
  • Estela Galindo, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Irene Grau, Communication Studies
  • Renee Grodsky, English
  • Linda-Rose Hembreiker, Music
  • Nicole Horejsi, English
  • Kidogo Kennedy, Communication Studies
  • Daniel Lambert, English
  • Cristal Machuca Marquez, Communication Studies
  • Kara Masek, Music
  • Laura Mendoza, Communication Studies
  • Nidhin Patel, Television and Film
  • Kathryn Perry, English
  • Lori Rusch, Art
  • Carl Schottmiller, Liberal Studies
  • Lara Schubert, Liberal Studies
  • Lorna Turner, Art
  • Alcia Tycer, Theatre & Dance
  • Amanda Villegas, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Theresa Yugar, Liberal Studies
  • Aya Nakagoshi, Liberal Studies

College of Business and Economics

  • Carol Blaszczynski, Management
  • Patrick Borja, Accounting
  • Li-Hsueh Chen, Economics
  • Duane Cofield, Marketing
  • William Cooper, Business
  • Richard Gregerson, Management
  • Kathryn Hansen, Accounting
  • Nazgol Makki, Economics
  • Frank McEnulty, Management
  • Jannine Mongeon, Management
  • Amy Nguyen, Marketing
  • Belarmina Richards, Management
  • Marlene Swider, Management
  • Lisa Vasquez, Management
  • Xiaohan Zhang, Economics

College of Education

  • Tammy Aguilar, Special Education and Counseling
  • Steven Brownson, Education
  • Anne Haga, Rehabilitation Services
  • Ramona Mclaughlin, EDSP (Special Education)
  • Heidi Paul, Special Education and Counseling
  • Christina Restrepo, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Manuel Rivera, Special Education and Counseling
  • Sharon Ulanoff, EDFN (Education Foundations)

College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology

  • Roberto Fragoso, Electrical Engineering
  • Tigran Panasyan, Electrical Engineering
  • Michael Thorburn, Computer Science

College of Ethnic Studies

  • Kidogo Kennedy, Pan-African Studies
  • Arcadia Le Vias Chukwudifu, Pan-African Studies
  • Michelle Lopez, Chicana(o) and Latina(o) Studies
  • Felicia Montez, Chicana(o) and Latina(o) Studies
  • Eva Nicole Vines, Pan-African Studies
  • Theresa Yugar, Chicana(o) and Latina(o) Studies

College of Health and Human Services

  • Meredith Abbasi, Child Development
  • Frances Abderhalden, Criminal Justice
  • Gilberto Acosta, Kinesiology
  • Alejandra Albarran Moses, Child Development 
  • Maja Broz, Kinesiology
  • Siouxsie Calderon, Social Work
  • Anthony Carnevali, Criminal Justice
  • Meifang Chen, Public Health
  • Lisa Chinn, Kinesiology
  • Damon Dees, Kinesiology
  • Kelly Enos, Criminal Justice
  • Carissa Feeney, Child Development 
  • Jane Gauthier, Criminal Justice
  • Arpie Haroutounian, Kinesiology
  • Erika Hinahon, Kinesiology
  • Matthew Jung, Child Development 
  • Mary Kubalanza, Communication Disorders
  • Sae-Mi Lee, Kinesiology
  • Lisa Le, Kinesiology
  • Rosa Leslie, Social Work
  • Kheng Ly-Hoang, Child Development 
  • Robin Marbelle, Child Development 
  • Nan Zhao Martin, Public Health
  • Xiaohan Mei, Criminal Justice
  • Zitlali Montes, Child Development 
  • Ashley Munger, Child Development 
  • Kenneth Peter, Kinesiology
  • Jose Rios, Social Work
  • Marisela Rosales, Social Work
  • Lloyd Ruiz, Kinesiology
  • Nicole Smolter, Criminal Justice
  • Cinthya Sotelo, ​Nursing
  • Chandan Suresh, Communication Disorders
  • Ali Tayyeb, Nursing
  • Daisy Torres, Child Development 
  • Stacey Warner, Nursing
  • Isabel Woelfel, Kinesiology
  • Connie Wong, Kinesiology

College of Natural and Social Sciences

  • Shamim Ahmed, Physics
  • Carlos Mauricio Amaya, Mathematics
  • Mckale Antonious, Mathematics
  • Lauren Arenson, Anthropology
  • Okezie Aruoma, Chemistry
  • Smbat Avetyan, Mathematics
  • Bita Bahrami, Biology
  • Michael Behrens, Mathematics
  • Kris Bezdecny, ENSV/GEOG/LAS/GEOL
  • Michele Bleuze, Anthropology
  • David Castillo, Mathematics
  • Jonathan Chan, Mathematics
  • Wei-Lun (Jason) Chiu, History
  • Ying Choi, Mathematics
  • Amber Sau Cun, Mathematics
  • Serj Danielian, Biology
  • Stasie Dear, Psychology
  • Maddalena DeSalvo, Mathematics
  • Wagner Diaz, Mathematics
  • Alexandra Garcia, Biology
  • Hichem Hajaiej, Mathematics
  • Angelique Hamane, Natural Sciences
  • Susan Haynes, Psychology
  • Fendi He, Mathematics
  • Silvia Heubach, Mathematics
  • Giovanni Hortua, History
  • Mon Hsia, Chemistry
  • Kai Hu, Mathematics
  • Lily Huang, Mathematics
  • Sheng (Sharon) Hung, Mathematics
  • Tina Givrad, Mathematics
  • Lusine Kopushyan, Mathematics
  • Raja Kuppusamy, Mathematics
  • Lisa Lugo, Biology
  • Cynthia Martinez, Psychology
  • Jeffrey Munoz-O'Laughlin, Mathematics
  • Margaret Myers, Biology
  • Paul Narguizian, Biology
  • Bao-Ngoc Ngo, Mathematics
  • Zhengqing Ni, Mathematics
  • Nelli Papoyan, Mathematics
  • Novita Phua, Mathematics
  • Gloria Preza, Biology
  • Shakila Rahman, Biology
  • Nairi Rostami, Mathematics
  • Mohamad Ali Salim, Mathematics
  • Nellie Sam, Mathematics 
  • Evette Samaan, Psychology
  • James Sera, Anthropology
  • Melanie Stagnaro, Sociology
  • Gustavo Subuyuj, Mathematics
  • Gohar Vardapetyan, Mathematics
  • Hillary Vo, Mathematics
  • Anh Vo, Mathematics
  • Karen Wu, Psychology
  • Lulu Yamashita, Mathematics
  • Xingtao Ye, Mathematics
  • Eric Yip, Mathematics
  • Erika Zambrano-Morales, Psychology
  • Anthony Zamora, Mathematics
  • Roger Zhang, Mathematics

University Library

  • Sheree Fu, Library

Is ACUE For Me?

  • Richard G
  • Anon
  • Lisa L
  • Gloria
  • Shamim A

ACUE is open to any faculty who seek to:

  • Improve teaching effectiveness
  • Increase student engagement
  • Enhance course structure

The program is also ideal for exploring alternative methods of instruction, refining current skills, or learning new techniques to manage a classroom.


Refer to our main ACUE webpage or contact [email protected] for more information about this program.