Our Approach to Faculty Development

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Cal State LA’s Center for Effective Teaching and Learning (CETL) was reorganized in 2011 and was recently commended by WASC as a national model for faculty development. The institution made a commitment to teaching excellence, a key component of student success.

Our Approach 

The Center for Effective Teaching and Learning at California State University, Los Angeles, is interested in how faculty continue to practice and refine their teaching during the arc of their careers. We are interested in how college faculty conceptualize their teaching and what faculty do before, during, and after they teach. Our approach to professional development is one of continuous improvement and growth. We recognize faculty as independent experts and self-directed learners who also desire space and community to think about their roles as the single greatest influencers of college student success.

We accomplish our work by designing rich, ongoing learning experiences for instructors that stress practice and self-awareness. Our faculty development programming strives to be authentic and uses an adult framework of learning. We bundle our workshops and design long programming to build trust, community, and shared values. Our programming is open to all.

CETL programming is carefully designed to be:

  • Constructivist, experiential, and geared toward active learning
  • Hands-on and practical
  • Meet faculty where they are, working and following up with them as needed
  • Peer-based and collaborative
  • Reflective and metacognitive, allowing for deepening self-awareness and goal-setting
  • Personally meaningful

If you are an educational developer who is interested in a campus visit or in observing our approach, please contact Senior Director Catherine Haras at [email protected] and we will arrange for you to participate in one of our sessions.

To see more about our Programming, Explore our Programming Page /cetl/programming