i>Clicker Checkout

Clickers provide instructors a unique opportunity to change the mode of instruction, helping to increase student centered learning. In order to participate, students will need to purchase an i<clicker remote or REEF subscription. To ensure a meaningful experience for students despite the added cost, follow these steps to implement clickers in your classroom.

In order to checkout i>clickers you need to have taken CETL's Peer Instruction with Clickers Workshop. If you have not attended this workshop please register for a workshop using our calendar. Please also visit our REEF/iClicker site. Student remotes are not guaranteed as we have a limited amount available.

Please avoid using Clickers only for in-class quizzes. Use a free or less expensive option including online Moodle quizzes or paper based quizzing.

After your request has been completed, you will receive an email to come in to Fine Arts 138 to sign paperwork, and pick up requested equipment.

1. Requester Information

Please fill out your information.

2. Checkout Information

Please fill out your information.

EX. BIOL 1010
Please note, student remotes are not guaranteed as we have a limited amount available. This is a one-time-per-instructor opportunity and is not meant to be a substitute for faculty wishing to regularly use clickers. This allows faculty to try out clickers without compelling their students to make any purchases during this pilot semester. If you have previously checked out a class set, and would like to continue using clickers in your course, please ensure you place a Bookstore order for i>clicker student remotes so that students can purchase them for your course.
Please allow 3 business days