How to Complete an ETF

We have highlighted the following key pieces of information to help you complete an Employee Transaction Form.

Section 12: Position

PS Position #: Ask your fiscal officer for the position number(s) that matches the job code.

Job Code: Write in the code that applies to the student you’re hiring:


Job Code

Applies to 


Student Assistant


Students registered at least half-time in the current term.

Undergrad: 6+

Grad/doctoral: 4+

Grad students enrolled in thesis, project or comp exams at the 5000 course level.

Bridge Student Assistant


  • Students registered less than half-time.
  • Do not need to be enrolled in classes to work during the bridge period. But they must:
    • Have been registered at least half-time the previous term; and
    • Be registered at least half-time the following term.
  • Graduating seniors are eligible to work as 1874 for one term or break immediately following graduation.

Undergrad: less than 6 

Grad/doctoral: less than 4

Grad students continuing thesis or project work in UNIV 9000.

Instructional Student Assistant


Job code remains constant regardless of enrollment.


International Student Assistant


Job code remains constant regardless of enrollment.


Student Assistant with EAD

Section 16: Appointment Dates

Use the Appointment Dates listed on the Dates & Deadlines page. Please keep in mind that the effective date is a request and will be modified to reflect the start state on the student employee's authorization to work letter.

Section 17: Action/Reason 

  • Extension of Temporary Appointmentwhen extending a student's employment beyond their current expiration date.
  • Hire/Rehire: use when hiring a new student employee or a former student employee who has not worked for more than a year. A rehire will require additional hiring verification.