After-Hours Tutoring Appointments


How to use NetTutor

The Center for Academic Success (CAS) offers free online tutoring via NetTutor. This service is available for a wide range of courses! If you cannot visit us during our hours of operation, there is still support for you. To sign up, see the information below.

1) To have access to online tutoring services, please select

2) You will be taken to a Canvas page. Click on "Enroll in Course," located on the top right. 

3) An email will be sent to you before the course begins.

4) Once you are enrolled, you can access NetTutor via Canvas Dashboard.

NOTE: CalState L.A. students can meet with NetTutor tutors for up to three hours a week.

How to use NetTutor Video:

How to upload your paper:

How to Bring your Math Homework to a Tutoring Session: