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Payroll Forms




Absence Correction Form

Absence Correction Form-PDF 

Change in Work Schedule Form

Change in Work Schedule Form-PDF 

CIRS Report Request Form

CIRS Report Request-PDF 

Direct Deposit Request Form

Direct Deposit Request Form-PDF 

Duplicate W-2 Request Form

Duplicate W-2 Request Form-PDF 

Positive Pay Time and Attendance Report

Positive Pay Time and Attendance Report-PDF 

Special Consultant Form

Special Consultant Form-PDF 

Student Attendance Report

Student Attendance Report-PDF 

Time and Labor Payroll Adjustment Form

 Time and Labor Payroll Adjustment Form-XLS

Verbal Employment Verification Form

Verbal Employment Verification Form-PDF 

Work Location Abbreviation List

Work Location Abbreviation List-PDF 

Written Employment Verification Form

Written Employment Verification Form-PDF