Full Time Faculty

IS faculty

Arun Aryal (Ph.D. Georgia State University)
Research: Emerging technologies, enterprise systems. business intelligence and SAP.

Shilpa Balan (Ph.D., University of Mississippi)
Research: Business Intelligence, Big Data, Health Informatics, E-Learning and M-Learning; Teaching: Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, System Analysis & Design, Mobile Application Development, Decision Support Systems, Database Design, Programming Languages

Luna Fu (Ph.D. from Old Dominion University)
Research: Information literacy and research, telecommunications and networks, Internet applications, database management, and programming with Java.

Nandakumar Ganesan (Ph.D., University of Birmingham, England)
Computer communication and networking; multimedia development; e-learning and technology mediated learning Teaching: Computer communications and networking; internet communications; hardware and software; database design

David A. Gadish (Ph.D., University of Guelph, Canada)
Spatial analysis, spatial data uncertainty, computer graphics, CAD, GIS and Software Engineering.

Adam Huarng (Ph.D., University of Memphis)
Software engineering, database design, information requirement analysis, e-commerce strategy, and management information systems

Joseph C. Otto (Ed.D., Memphis State University)
Computer programming; e-commerce; web design; microcomputer applications; methodology in teaching accounting

Parviz Partow-Navid (Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin)
Object-oriented programming, database/data warehouse design, data mining, e-commerce, e-learning, quantitative methods

Jose Perez-Carballo (Ph.D., New York University)
Information retrieval; human computer interaction; natural language processing; human and computer document indexing; knowledge representation

Ludwig Slusky (Ph.D., Academy of Municipal Economy, Russia)
Cyber Security and Information Privacy; database/data warehousing design and administration; organizational Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) and process improvement; MIS; and e-learning

Ming Wang (Ph.D. Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL)
Database design and implementation, e-business application development, object-relational technology, programming languages, e-commerce strategies, software engineering and information system development.

Knox B. Wasley (M.B.A., University of Colorado, MS Claremont Graduate University, CPA, CISA, CDP)
Systems analysis and design; auditing controls; programming; entrepreneurship

Jongwook Woo (Ph.D., University of Southern California)
Dr. Woo is an expert in Big Data for Data and Predictive AnalysisBIMachine Learning, Data Visualization, Data Integration/RetrievalNoSQL DB, and e-Business and m-Commerce Architecture. He has received educational and research grants for Big Data using Hadoop and Spark from Amazon AWS, IBM Bluemix, MicroSoft Azure, Cloudera, DataBricks, Hortonworks, SAS, QlikView, Wolfram. He has consulted for government and several Hollywood-based companies including City of Los Angeles, LAFD, CitySearch, ARM, E!, Warner Bros, and SBC Interactive.

Song Xing (Ph.D., George Mason University)
Internet traffic and performance measurement; communication networks; importance sampling simulations of stochastic systems; speech and image processing; communication systems

FERP Faculty

Mohammad Ayati (Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles)
Management information systems; quantitative management science