Dr. Shilpa Balan

College of Business and Economics
Information Systems
Office Location: ST 603
Email: sbalan@calstatela.edu

Shilpa Balan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Systems in the College of Business and Economics at California State University-LA. Dr. Balan earned her PhD degree in Management Information Systems from University of Mississippi, focusing on Data Mining and Data Analytics. Professor Balan is very passionate about Analytics and Programming and teaches Information Systems and Business Intelligence courses. Dr. Balan’s broad research interests are in Big Data, Business Intelligence, Healthcare Informatics, Mobile Apps for Healthcare, and the integration of Information Technology to pedagogic practices. She has co-authored a book titled Business Intelligence in Healthcare with IBM Watson Analytics.

In August 2016, Dr. Balan has been awarded the 'Most Promising Research' Award by the College of Business at California State University-LA. Dr. Balan is a recipient of Education Grants from Tableau, Qlik and IBM-Watson Analytics. She is also a recipient of the Microsoft Azure Educator Grant Award. She is a receipient of the Research Grant Award from California State University-LA for Big Data Analytics research in Healthcare for the academic years 2015-2016 and 2016-2017. She was also awarded the Faculty Scholar Award at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing event in October 2016 at Houston, TX.

Research Page: https://shilpabalanresearch.wordpress.com/


Fall 2018 Schedule

CIS 3060- Systems Analysis and Design (Tues/Thurs: 9:25-10:40 am)
CIS 4150- Foundations of Business Intelligence (Tue/Thurs: 12:15-1:30 pm)
CIS 5620- Authoring Websites [Web Data Mining] (Friday: 10:00am-12:45 pm)


Summer 2018 Schedule

CIS 3610- Web Design and Development (Tues/Thurs: 12:30-2:30 pm)

Spring 2018 Schedule

CIS 3060- Systems Analysis and Design (Tues/Thurs: 1:40-2:55 pm)
CIS 4810- Healthcare Application Systems (Tue/Thurs: 10:50am-12:05 pm)
CIS 5270- Business Intelligence (Friday: 10:00am-12:45 pm)
CIS 3980-Undergraduate Study: Mobile App Development
BUS 5980-Graduate Study: Big Data: NoSQL

Courses Taught (Semester System)

CIS 3060- Systems Analysis and Design
CIS 3980- Undergraduate Directed Study in Big Data
CIS 4200- Business Intelligence and Data warehouse
CIS 4810- Healthcare Application Systems
CIS 4870- Decision Support Systems
CIS 5270- Business Intelligence
CIS 5810- Healthcare Information Systems
CIS 5980- Graduate Study in Big Data/ Business Intelligence/ Healthcare Informatics/ NoSQL
BUS 5980- Graduate Study (NoSQL)
BUS 5970- Graduate Research (in Business Intelligence)


Courses Taught (Quarter System)

CIS 301- Management Information Systems
CIS 405- Database Design and Development
CIS 406- Systems Analysis and Design
CIS 454- Special Topics: Business Intelligence & Data Visualization
CIS 487- Decision Support Systems
CIS 598- Graduate Study in Big Data/ Business Intelligence/ Healthcare Informatics
BUS 597- Graduate Research (in Business Intelligence)








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