Master of Science Degree in Counseling Option in School Counseling Leadership

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Program Application

The Master of Science Degree in Counseling, Option in School Counseling Leadership is designed for future school counselors who wish to develop leadership skills in school counseling. Students who select this option recognize the challenges of today’s urban schools and foresee the synergism possible when combining the skills and roles of an effective counselor with those of an effective leader. 

Admission Requirements: 

  • Admission to CSULA. 
  • Completion of an application to the division and the college. 
  • A 2.75 grade point average in the last 90 quarter units attempted. 
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation. 
  • Orientation/screening interviews with program faculty. 
  • Successful completion of COUN 400A or 500A and 505. 
  • Official program of study approved by the advisor, division chair, and associate dean. 

Program Outcomes:



​​​# of students that graduated from the program


​In progress

​SCL completion rate


​Program Enrollment

​15 per annual cohort/30 Total 

​Average Class Size

​15-25 per course
8 per clinical supervision

​# of Application to SCL Program


University Demographics:



​Asian American




​African American


​American Indian