Faculty Reviewers

For Reviewers (including Review Committees):

RTP Performance Reviews

Periodic Evaluation/Permanent Faculty

Temporary Faculty Semester and One-Year Appointment

Temporary Faculty Initial Three-Year Appointment

Temporary Faculty Renewal of Three-Year Appointment

Temporary Counselor Faculty Appointment

Range Elevation/Lecturer

Interfolio Forms

For Administrative Assistants (to report recommendations to higher levels of review):

Tracking Sheet

Tracking Sheet—Retention

Recommendation for Retention

Tracking Sheet—Tenure

Recommendation for Tenure

Tracking Sheet—Promotion (Assoc)

Recommendation for Promotion to Associate

Tracking Sheet—Promotion (Prof)

Recommendation for Promotion to Professor

Tracking Sheet- Lec A to Lec B

Recommendation for Lecturer A to Lecturer B

Tracking Sheet- Lec B to Lec C

Recommendation for Lecturer B to Lecturer C