New Certification Request

Follow the steps on this page to submit a new Request for Certification to the Veterans Resource Center (VRC) through the Veterans Benefits Module (VBM) within GET.

Note: If there is a change in your enrollment status, including adding or withdrawing from a course, please refer to the Update Certification Request.

Login to GET and select Student Center:

Screenshot highlighting link to Student Center.

Click on the drop-down and select Veterans Benefit:

Online form with a circle around a drop-down menu, Veterans Benefit is highlighted

Click ">>" button to advance to next page:

Screenshot of online form, circle around a button with two arrows.


Review information on the page and click "Certification Request":

Online form, circle around Certification Request button at the bottom of the form

Click the "Term" drop-down and select the semester/term you want to certify for VA benefits:

Online form, circle around Term drop-down menu at the top of the form.

Enter the following benefit information for the selected term/semester:

  1.  Veterans Service Branch: Select your branch of service.
  • For children/spouses of service members or veterans, select their branch of service.
  1. VA Education Benefit: Select the VA education benefit from the dropdown.
  • If you are using a Chapter Benefit and the Cal Vet Fee Waiver, please select the chapter benefit instead of the fee waiver for this system
  1. Relationship to Veteran: Select your relationship to the veteran from the dropdown.
  2. Select all that apply: If you are still serving in the military, please click the type of service. If you are a veteran or a child/spouse, do not check any boxes.
  3. Questions / Instructions: This optional section can be used to enter any questions or specific instructions that you would like the VRC staff to review regarding this certification request.
Online form, Veterans Service Branch, VA Education Benefit, Relationship to Veteran, Select all that apply and Questions/Instructions are numbered 1-5.

Dependents Educational Assistance (Chapter 35)

Students who are only using Dependents Educational Assistance Chapter 35, please include your VA File Number on this page.

Your VA file number is typically the veteran's Social Security Number followed by a pay code. This pay code can be found after the last four digits on your Chapter 35 eligibility letter you received from the VA. If you need to find your VA file number, please call 888-442-4551.

Online form, circle around "Chapter 35 File Number"

Click the "Initiate Request" button:

Online form with a circle around Initiate Request button

Click OK and continue to STEP 7 or add documents if applicable:

Screenshot of message, circle around OK button

Note: This does not complete your request

After you initiate the request, you will be able to add documents. If you would like to attach a document:

1: Click "Attachments" on the Veterans Educational Benefits Certification Request page.

Online form,circle around attachments button at the bottom right

2: Click "File Type" drop-down and select a file type.

Online form, circle around File Type drop down box

3: Click "Add Attachment" button.

Online forum, circle around add attachment button

4: Upload a document

     A. Click "Choose File" and select the file from your computer.

     B. Click "Upload."

Online form, label A highlights Choose File button and B highlights Upload button

5. Click "OK."

Screenshot of message with OK button

Upload additional documents using steps 1 through 5 or Click the "Return" button to go back to the certification request.

Online form return button highlighted at the bottom

1. Click "Select Classes to Certify" at the bottom of the page.

Online form, circle around button at the bottom of page

2. Check off appropriate classes

A. Check the acknowledgment box in the "Read and Acknowledge" Section.

B. Click the box on the left next to each class you want to certify under your VA education benefits.

  • Note for wait-list courses: The system will allow you to select wait-listed courses, but we will not be able to certify those courses until you are officially enrolled. Once officially enrolled, please submit an updated certification request through this system.

C. Click the "Submit Request" button at the bottom center of the page.

Online form, the letter A highlights read and acknowledge section, B highlights check boxes next to classes and C highlights Submit request button.

Click the "OK" button:

Screenshot of pop-up indicating request was successfully submitted and a "OK" button

This completes your certification request. No further action is required unless you make changes to your schedule/courses after this submission.