Update Certification Request

If there are any changes to your enrollment you will have to update your certification request. Changes in enrollment include:

  • Added course
  • Added course from waitlist
  • Dropped course
  • Withdraw from course

STEP 1: Access through GET

Login to GET and select Student Center:

Screenshot highlighting link to Student Center.

STEP 2: Select Veterans Benefit

Click on the drop-down and select Veterans Benefit:

Online form with a circle around a drop-down menu, Veterans Benefit is highlighted.

Click ">>" button to advance to next page:

Online form, circle around a ">>" button.

STEP 3: Begin Certification Request

Review information on the page and click "Certification Request":

Online form, circle around Certification Request button at the bottom of the form

STEP 4: Select Semester/Term

Click the "Term" drop-down and select the semester/term you want to certify for VA benefits:

Online form, circle around term drop down box, fall semester 2020 is highlighted.

STEP 5: Click "OK"

Click "OK" button on the error message. This message notifies you that you previously completed a request for the term/semester you selected.

Screenshot of message box, circle around the OK button.

STEP 6: Update Classes to Certify

Click "Update Classes to Certify" at the bottom of the page":

Online form, circle around update classes to certify button


STEP 7: Select Classes to Certify

A. Check the acknowledgment box in the "Read and Acknowledge" Section.

B. Click the box next to each class you want to certify under your VA education benefits.

  • Note for wait-list courses: The system will allow you to select wait-listed courses, but we will not be able to certify those courses until you are officially enrolled. Once officially enrolled, please submit an updated certification request through this system.

C. Click "Submit Request" button at the bottom center of the page.

Online form, the letter A highlights read and acknowledge section, B highlights check boxes next to classes and C highlights Submit request button.


STEP 8: Complete Request

In this section, you will have two different messages that could pop up based upon your selections on the previous page.

Option 1: Click "OK" - This completes your request. No further action required unless you make additional changes to your schedule/courses after this date.

Pop-up message indicating update request was successfully submitted. Circle around OK button.

Option 2: This message indicated you did not make any changes to your selections. If the course selection page has all courses checked that you want certified, no further action is required.

Pop-up message indicating that no values changed since previous submission. Circle around OK button