Ticket Procedures for Cal State LA Registered Student Organization Events

Fall 2022 Student Organization Event Procedure Disclaimer:

Student organizations are encouraged to holding in-person events, meetings, and activities either on or off-campus in virtual, in-person, or hybrid modes in accordance with the Fall 2022 Event Guidelines.  The following in-person elements will not be approved for student organization events and as such should be excluded from your planning processes: 

  • Indoor food for public consumption provided by the organization
  • Indoor alcohol consumption or access to alcohol 

Failure to comply with these student organization procedures and requirements could ultimately result in your organization’s loss of University recognition and the benefits associated with that status for the remainder of the 2022-2023 Academic Year.  Furthermore, confirmed student organization procedure violations, including but not limited to event registration, may ultimately lead to individual student conduct proceedings

The following sections of the Student Organization Handbook are provided for reference and are applicable when student organizations are allowed to incorporate them into their events. Prior to the start and end of the Fall 2022 semester, these procedures will be reviewed and updated in accordance with the University, state, Los Angeles city, and county guidelines.  

Ticket Procedures for Cal State LA Registered Student Organization Events 

Student Organization Event Registration Requirement

Student organizations are required to complete and submit an Event Registration Form for all on or off campus events which are defined as any activity that is other than a meeting and activities that include:

Completed event registration forms for ticketed events must be signed/approved by a recognized officer and the organization advisor before they are submitted to CSI, U-SU Room 204, at least 20 business days prior to the event. 

Please review additional information on Event Registration Procedures.

The event must be successfully registered before your organization can publicize it. Publicity includes any use of student organization logos and/or e-mail accounts. No publicity may be distributed or posted online until the Event Registration Form has been submitted for off campus events or until the reservation confirmation process has been completed for on-campus events. If this form is not submitted at least 10 business days prior to the event and before publicity is distributed, the event may be cancelled.

All registered student organization events are subject to the guidelines set forth in the policy on time, place, and manner of free expression.

The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) does not assume responsibility for events that have not been registered.

Ticketed Event Requirement

CSI requires any recognized Cal State LA student organization registering major events on campus, in which they play a role in organizing, facilitating, and participating, to provide tickets if any or all of the following conditions are met:

  • The organization has an estimated attendance of 100 or more event guests,
  • Off-campus or community guests are invited to the event,
  • The guest count is anticipated to either meet the maximum capacity (100+) or exceed event space capacity,
  • Off-campus media are invited and/or anticipated.

Ticketing information is required on all event publicity materials.

Ticketed Event Venues

This ticketing requirement applies to student organization events that are registered for the following venues:

  • the University-Student Union Theatre,
  • the Los Angeles Room,
  • Housing Dining Hall,
  • the Golden Eagle Ballroom,
  • or any other event space on campus that can hold 100 or more event attendees.

CSI, University-Student Union Operations, and Public Safety may impose limits to the quantities of tickets produced and distributed based on the event security needs of each location and each event.  All events are subject to all venue requirements. 

Ticketed Admission Categories

This ticketing requirement applies to all invited guests including but not limited to:

  • Cal State LA student organization members,
  • Cal State LA students at large,
  • Cal State LA faculty, staff, and administrators,
  • other colleges and universities,
  • the general public,
  • any guest list created by the student organization.

Ticketing Services

CSI can provide free ticketing services for complimentary event tickets and complimentary guest list tickets including the following:

  • free ticket printing based on event venue space capacity limitations,
  • free complimentary ticket distribution through the CSI front desk for advance tickets or the University-Student Union Theatre ticket booth (subject to availability) for the day of event distribution.

Advance tickets for Cal State LA students, faculty, and staff will be given only with valid Cal State LA ID through the CSI front desk until one business day before the scheduled event.  All other admission categories must receive their tickets the day of the event.

After advance tickets have been distributed, the remaining tickets will be released back to the student organization for general distribution in accordance with the ticketing admission categories for the day of distribution. 

Student organizations who wish to utilize CSI ticketing services should indicate so on their Event Registration Form at CSI at least 20 business days prior to their event.  CSI will work with the event contact to develop, finalize, and implement a ticketing services plan.  Student organizations are encouraged to plan and register ticketed events more than the required 20 business days in order to implement their ticketing plan accordingly. 

At least one week prior to the event and on the actual day of the event, a meeting will be called between CSI and the student organization to discuss the ticketing plan.

Ticketing and Logistics Plans

Student organizations can plan to sell event tickets or distribute complimentary tickets prior to and on the day of the event. 

Student organizations who wish to sell their tickets prior to the event must submit a separate Event Registration Form at least 20 business days prior to selling tickets.  This form should indicate the location of their advanced ticket sales. Please see the Ticket Sale/Donations Procedures section for more information. 

Student organizations who wish to distribute their own complimentary tickets should also indicate on their submitted Event Registration Form at CSI at least 20 business days prior to their event. They should also submit a ticketing plan to CSI with this form which will outline where they will be distributing tickets and how intended event guests can obtain their tickets prior to and on the day of the event.  Please see the Complimentary Tickets section for more information. 

Additional risk assessment needs or logistic plans may need to be considered or required based on the submitted ticketing plan, the submitted Event Registration Form, and all pertinent information available.  These needs will be communicated by CSI to the student organization in conjunction with other campus departments.  All required plans should be satisfactorily completed prior to the event date. Student organization event contacts are expected to maintain open communication with the CSI full-time staff advisor with whom they will be working on the ticketing and logistics plans for their event.  Failure to communicate and adhere to ticketing and event logistics may result in the cancellation of the event.        

Ticket Sale/Donations Procedures  

For cash handling purposes, organizations that charge for admission to an event are required to indicate the amount on the submitted Event Registration Form.  Organization presidents and treasurers are also required to complete the Statement Regarding Proceeds to Benefit Transactions on the Event Registration Form. 

If the student organization chooses not to charge for event tickets, they are permitted to ask for donations at the site of event admission.  However, participants cannot be required to donate a specific amount.  Organization presidents and treasurers are also required to complete the Statement Regarding Proceeds to Benefit Transactions on the Event Registration Form for ticket donations.

All collected ticket sales or donations must be deposited into the organization’s account on the next business day following collection. 

Ticket Prices

Student organizations can determine their own event ticket prices.  Generally, groups select a price for guests who purchase their tickets in advance and a price for guests who purchase them at the door.  Ticket prices may also be determined based on the membership of the guests. For example, tickets for Cal State LA students with a valid ID are FREE, Faculty/Staff pay $5, and community members at large pay $7.

Any changes in detail related to ticket prices, event dates, etc. must be updated on the submitted Event Registration Form at the Center or Student Involvement as soon as possible. 

Complimentary Tickets

Student organizations can provide complimentary or free tickets for event admission. 

All bearers of the complimentary tickets are required to fall within the stated admission categories and must present valid Cal State LA identification at the time of ticket distribution or admission. 

Guest List Tickets

Student organizations can also create and utilize a specific guest list of expected event attendees whose tickets will be reserved and sold or distributed prior to or on the day of the event. All bearers of the guest list tickets must fall within the Ticketed Admission Categories at the time of purchase, distribution or admission. Guest list tickets for sale must be purchased through the student organization either prior to or on the day of the event.  Please see the Ticket Sale/Donation Procedures section for more information. 

Student organizations are responsible for distributing guest list tickets to their selected guests on the list. 

Event Admission

Generally, the following admission procedures will be followed at ticketed events.   Exceptions to the procedures may be discussed at the Use of Facilities meeting.

  • If the event is ticketed, patrons will only be allowed to enter the venue with a valid event ticket. Valid identification will be requested from event patrons at the point of ticket purchase and at the point of event admission.
  • Admission will be dependent upon the admission categories indicated on the submitted Event Registration Form with proof of Cal State LA ID.
  • Upon leaving the event, patrons will not be allowed to reenter the venue and event building without their ticket stub. 
  • The Center for Student Involvement, the Office of the Dean of Students, and the University administration reserve the right to refuse admission at any time. 

For more information on these ticket procedures, please email the Center for Student Involvement.