Marketing Procedures

University Administrative Policy P003: Campus Posting

University Administrative Policy P003 provides guidelines for publicizing events, programs, services, etc. using bulletin boards, kiosks and other designated areas on campus. The objective of these regulations is to provide an orderly, clean and safe university environment. Cooperation is needed to help maintain a campus that is attractive and pleasant for students and visitors and will also provide effective publicity for campus events. The University reserves the right to determine time, place and manner for all items related to the posting of information per Administrative Policy P007

Student organizations currently recognized by the University, campus committees and departments, individual students, faculty and staff are allowed to publicize on campus, providing they comply with the regulations established by the University. 

  • Prior to publicizing an event, all student organizations' events are required to be registered and confirmation of event space is reserved. 
  • Items posted on designated bulletin boards must: 1. be at least 4 x 6 inches2. not exceed 11 x 17 inches 
  • Only one item for the same event is allowed per posting location, regardless of the style of the flyer. 
  • When posting printed publicity, all posting parties are responsible for not damaging campus facilities and posting only on approved locations. 
  • Printed materials are not to be posted in areas other than designated posting areas. Posting is not allowed on windows, glass doors, elevators, fences, bathroom stalls, sculptures, posts, trees, traffic control/utility poles, signs, vehicles, or planted garden areas. Nothing shall be posted as to obscure previously posted, properly placed materials. 
  • All publicity must state the sponsoring organization, the name of the program, and the date, time, location, and contact information for the event. Any materials not so identified may be removed. 
  • Materials posted must be removed by the sponsoring group or organization at the conclusion of the event. Items not removed promptly after the event may result in suspension of posting privileges. Exceptions must be approved by the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) for student organizations. 
  • For student organizations, all printed material may be posted for up to a period of fourteen (14) calendar days. For student organizations, the "POSTING VALID THRU____" stamp available through the CSI must be clearly visible on the face of the posting. 
  • Materials to be distributed or posted must not be in violation of Section 311-312.7 of the California Penal Code and the University’s Time, Place, and Manner policy. 
  • Chalking on University-owned surfaces is prohibited and subject to removal.  
  • Activity Bulletin Boards are for the publicizing of off-campus events, programs, or services that are not related to the University. Postings must not advertise any illegal activity. All postings must include the name of the author (sponsoring individual or organization) and contact information. It is required that all postings are removed immediately following the advertised event. Postings that are outdated and/or do not contain the required information will be removed and subject to suspension of posting privileges. Activity Bulletin Boards will be cleared of all material on the last day of each semester. 

Posting flyers is allowed in the areas listed below. Before posting anywhere on campus, be sure you have permission from the bulletin board coordinator. Please allow for a three-day turnaround when requesting to post flyers on department bulletin boards. Flyers posted on walls and areas that are not approved will be removed. All flyers should be posted with “painter’s or blue tape.” If you cause damage to state property, you may be held responsible. 

  • Student Organizations may request flyers be posted to the U-SU Bulletin boards on the 2nd floor of the U-SU by doing the following: 
    • Upload your event flyer when you submit your event registration 
    • Answer yes to the question “would you like your flyer posted to the U-SU Student Org Bulletin Boards” on the event registration form 
  • CSI and U-SU Graffix will review and approve flyers to be posted to the bulletin boards. The flyer will be printed in color and posted on your behalf once approved 
  • Flyers may not be posted for longer than 2 weeks (flyers for events that have passed will be removed when necessary) 
  • Flyers must be submitted as 8.5x11 PDF files with a minimum of 300 dpi resolution 
  • Event Flyers must include: 
  • host organization name or logo 
  • Event details (name, location, time – or where they can find updates) 
  • Due to limited space in display cases, CSI and Graffix reserves the right to limit the time frame in which a graphic is on display. Graphics will be printed and displayed on a first come first served basis, if there is insufficient space, a graphic may not be posted despite meeting the outlined requirements. 

To publicize on ASI kiosks, bring the flier to the ASI Administrative Office in the University- Student Union, U-SU 203. A staff member will stamp the flyers to approve for posting and will direct you to the kiosk locations around campus. Student organizations must obtain a “POSTING VALID THRU____" stamp from CSI before requesting ASI Kiosk use approval. Flyers may remain on the kiosks for up to fourteen (14) calendar days. It is required that the postings are removed immediately following the advertised event. ASI Kiosks will be cleared of all outdated postings once a month by ASI staff. For more information contact the ASI Administrative Office at (323) 343-4778. 

  • Posting on Bulletin Boards: 
  1. In order to publicize an event in Housing and Residence Life, bring a copy of the 
advertisement to the Housing Services Office for approval. 
  2. Once approved, two (2) copies of the advertisement will be posted in designated areas. 
  3. Only flyers advertising Cal State LA events will be posted. 
  4. Posting on doors and around Housing is prohibited. 
  • Flyer distribution and advertising in Housing and Residence Life: 
  1. You may drop off up to seventeen (17) 8.5x11 flyers at the Housing front desk in Phase II. Please do not post flyers or other advertisements in the Housing Community on your own. You may also email your activity information to the Marketing Coordinator who can post on a variety of Housing Services social media outlets. Please refer to the Housing website for contact information. 

See below for available bulletin boards.  It is required that the postings are removed immediately following the advertised event. All parties are responsible for removing all postings once their event is completed. Activities Bulletin Boards will be cleared of all outdated postings once a month by facilities staff.

  1. Submit flyers and posters to the Art Department, FA 327. 
  2. Ask for a representative to take a look at your flyer.
  3. A representative will then direct you to where you can post. 

  2. Go to Division II, PE Room 104, and ask for the Sports Information Director at (323) 343-5308.  
  3. Submit flyers along with your name, phone number, and e-mail address.  
  4. A representative will contact you the following day informing you if your flyers are approved for posting.  
  5. Come back to the office and a representative will direct you to the areas where you may post flyers.  
  7.  ​​​​​​

  1. Submit flyers and posters to the respective Departments. 
  2. Ask for a representative to review your flyer. 
  3. A representative will then direct you to locations where you can post flyers and posters.  

  1. Submit fliers to the Head of Access Services at the Library Information Desk in Library North building, 1st floor.  
  2. Flyers can also be submitted to Library Administration Office (LN B112) for review and approval.  

Classroom bulletin boards located in and outside of the classrooms are used primarily for instructional purposes. Questions regarding posted material on classroom bulletin boards may be directed to faculty and/or academic departments. 

Faculty bulletin boards are located near the office door of each faculty member. Posting on these boards is reserved for the faculty member(s). 

Employee bulletin boards are located in specified areas, and are not open for general use. For example, Employee Relations bulletin boards are reserved for union postings. Contact Human Resources Management at (323) 343-3694 for more information. 

All posting must occur under the provisions of this policy and related campus policies and procedures. Any violation of these regulations may result in any, or all, of the following actions: 

  • Removal of literature/posting. 
  • Student organization, campus department, or individual responsible for posting may be billed for any damage. 
  • Current posting privileges denied and/or posting privileges denied for a future time period. 
  • Individual students who violate university policy may be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students for review of his or her conduct and student status.