Strategic Plan Consultative Groups

Consultative Groups

The Strategic Plan is a living document that is intended to guide Cal State LA into the future. The plan is designed to be broad enough so that each member of our campus community can find ways to contribute toward one or more of the overarching goals, and ultimately ensure our University's success, in the months and years to come. The University created several consultative groups to coordinate the implementation of the plan. Each section includes updates from the committee.

Learn more about the committee's work by reading the A Great Place to Work Update.

Co-Chairs: Lisa Chavez and Nancy Wada-McKee
Troy Allen
Ernest Argumaniz
Michael Caldwell
David Connors
Jason Dennison
Cynthia Galvez
Carlos Gutierrez
Margaret Montpas
Cheryl Ney
Pablo Ortega
Bidhad Roy
Alma Sahagun
Robert Solerno
Veronica Woo

Learn more about the committee's work by reading the Student Life Update.

Committee Members:
Jennifer Celaya-Davis
Rebecca Davis
Stephen Fleischer
Jonna Fries
Mitch Fryling
Daniel Garrett
Joanna Gaspar
Andrea Gutierrez
Chris Lenz
Jen Miller
Rebecca Palmer
Marcus Rodriguez
Fred Smith
Nancy Wada-Mckee
Amy Wang
Holly Yu

Learn more about the committee's work by reading the Welcoming and Inclusive Campus Update.

Committee Members:
Melina Abdullah
ASI President - David Zitser
Frangelo Ayran
Aminah BakeerAbdulJabbar
Luz Borjon
Michael Caldwell
Gonzalo Centeno
Diane Fazzi
Krishna Foster
James A. Green
Linda Greenberg
Bianca Guzman
Esteban Kala
Rita Ledesma
Alesia Miles
Mariel S. Mulet
Cheryl Ney
Alma R Ramon
Frederick Smith
Michael Soldatenko
Michael D. Ta
Valerie Bustillos-Talavera
Molly Talcott
Octavio Villalpando
Nnenna Weathers
Intef Weser
Jun Xing
Ping Yao

Learn more about the committee's work by reading the WSCUC Update.

Committee Members:
Amy Bippus
Karin Elliott Brown
Jessica Dennis
Michele Dunbar
Andre Ellis
Benjamin Lee
William London
Holly Menzies
Jennifer Miller
Parviz Partow-Navid
Laura Whitcomb
Michael Willard

Learn more about the committee's work by reading the ESPG Update.

Committee Members:
Raquel Beltran
Eric Bullard
Jennifer Celaya Davis
Bahiyyih Cerqueira
Taylor Dark
Janet Dial
Rika Houston
Taffany Lim
Ramin Maysami
Mario Perez
Raphael Sonenshein
Mario Ubago
Michael Willard
David Zitser

Strategic Plan Priority Areas:

Overall Goal: Graduate civic-minded students equipped for and committed to engagement, service, and the public good

Overall Goal: Create a positive, holistic student experience with a clear and timely path to a high-quality degree

Overall Goal: Nurturing a welcoming and inclusive campus where students, faculty, and staff thrive and community is honored and cultivated

Overall Goal: Provide high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs and investment in faculty who are uniquely committed to educating a diverse student body