Opportunities for Involvement - Next Steps

The Strategic Plan is a living document that is intended to guide Cal State LA into the future. The plan is designed to be broad enough so that each member of our campus community can find ways to contribute toward one or more of the overarching goals, and ultimately ensure our University's success, in the months and years to come. The plan was based on the participation of more than 2000 members of our community and clearly states our values and strategic priorities. The University created several consultative groups to coordinate the implementation of the plan:

  • Graduation 2025
  • An Inclusive Campus
  • A Great Place to Work
  • Academic Distinction (WASC Steering Committee)
  • Engagement, Service, and the Public Good
  • Student Life

Your continued participation in the strategic planning process is critical as your feedback will guide the work of the consultative groups next year.


WSCUC Town Halls
More than 30 faculty, staff and administrators have been compiling the Cal State LA story for our WASC self-study—the core of the reaffirmation of accreditation process. A draft of that report will soon be shared. Share your views and RSVP for an upcoming town hall.  with the university community and you will have an opportunity to participate in a town hall to provide feedback on the draft.

3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Golden Eagle Ballroom 3

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Student Success (Learning, Retention, Graduation)
  • Quality Assurance and Improvement (Program Review, Assessment)
  • Sustainability (Financial Viability)

3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Golden Eagle Ballroom 3

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Degree Programs (Meaning, Quality, Integrity)
  • Educational Quality (Student Learning, Core Competencies)