Revised 1997 Strategic Plan

The 2000/01 Strategic Planning Coordination Committee members are currently working diligently to review all elements of the original Strategic Plan, including the existing Mission Synopsis, University Strategy, values, culture, initiatives, and objectives. The Organizational Profile and the External Environment were also completely reviewed and updated to reflect the University and its external surroundings.

At this point, the committee in advisement with President Rosser, completed revisions of the University Mission, Strategy, Values, Culture, and the new Strategic Initiatives. They are now available for all students, faculty, staff, and administrators to review and provide feedback on:

Mission Synopsis 2001
University Strategy 2001
University Values 2001
University Culture 2001
11 Strategic Initiatives

Mission Synopsis 2001

The Mission of California State University, Los Angeles is to advance a community built on the strengths of a culturally diverse urban population based on academic excellence in teaching and learning from which emerge participants who contribute productively and responsibly to the global society.

University Strategy 2001

  • Develop and enhance a learning/teaching community of students/alumni, faculty, staff, administration, and the greater Los Angeles community by:
    • placing students at the center of all Cal State L.A. activities;
    • attracting and recruiting a diverse body of well prepared and high potential students;
    • maintaining quality academic programs and enhancing student learning;
    • retaining students, and enabling them to graduate in a timely manner;
    • assuring that current and new programs assist students in developing life-long learning skills, and enhance continuing career opportunities;
    • strengthening the ties between alumni and the rest of the Cal State L.A. community;
    • sustaining a strong working relationship with K-14 institutions;
    • diversifying and increasing financial support;
    • marketing and promoting Cal State L.A.
  • Value the cultural identities and multilingualism of the Cal State L.A. and greater Los Angeles communities.
  • Make Cal State L.A. a center of the Los Angeles-based social, cultural, professional, artistic, and economic development endeavors.
  • Emphasize a strong role for research, including applied and policy oriented research, and scholarship and creative activities. Encourage student involvement in faculty scholarly activities.
  • Provide opportunities for the continued personal and professional interaction and development of faculty and staff, including an effective incentive and reward system.
  • Enhance the ability of faculty and staff to collaboratively serve a culturally and linguistically diverse student body.
  • Ensure a high degree of proficiency in basic skills.

University Values 2001

We Value

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Ethical Behavior
  • Civility
  • Altruism
  • Respect
  • Inclusiveness
  • Diversity
  • Excellence
  • Diligence

Our Values Lead to the Support of:

  • Our University Mission
  • Diversity of Culture, Ethnicity, Age, Language
  • Excellence/Quality in all areas
  • Education/Knowledge/Learning
  • Research/Scholarship/Creative Activities
  • Individuals – faculty/staff/students
  • Community Service
  • Alumni
  • Close Interaction Between Faculty and Students
  • Development of Students as Leaders
  • Collaboration with Other Institutions – Partnerships
  • Effective Learning Environment and Infrastructure
  • Career Preparedness
  • Fair play in all areas
  • Institutional Pride
  • Information Competence (Technology)
  • Student friendly environment

University Culture 2001

  • State supported institution of higher education
  • Comprehensive University – teaching institution – many students participate in research, scholarship and creative activities
  • Diversity of students/faculty/staff/administration: gender, race, age, economic status, disability status, part-time/full-time
  • Evening college students
  • Commuters
  • Urban setting
  • Majority of upper division students transfer in
  • Stressed environment – bureaucracy – make work processes
  • 500 Arts H.S. students on campus
  • Shared faculty governance – somewhat passive - constructive
  • Dedicated faculty
  • Mandated to take top 33% of California H.S. students – we get bottom ½ (B students) – not as well prepared (lower SAT scores) as other CSU students
  • Regularly admitted students, 80% cannot pass EPT and/or ELM
  • Multilingual with 60 languages on campus
  • Majority of graduate students enrolled in professional (e.g. MBA) or credential programs, rather that “traditional” Masters or pre-PhD programs
  • Students are generally more reserved in personal behavior; many stress family values
  • Many students are first in their family to attend college
  • Lower level of financial resources

New Strategic Initiatives

  1. Continually improve all activities that support the University's Mission.
  2. Ensure students receive high quality academic and student support services.
  3. Foster an environment that provides a positive, enriching, and stimulating student life
  4. Continue to improve customer service with students as the top priority.
  5. Expand the Cal State L.A. circle of influence in the community.
  6. Develop and implement a faculty and staff recruitment and retention plan.
  7. Identify undergraduate and graduate programs for reorganization and/or expansion/revitalization and implement.
  8. Continue to develop and assess a student-centered learning environment that provides excellence in curriculum and instruction.
  9. Provide instructional and administrative technologies to support students, faculty, staff, and administrators.
  10. Recruit graduate and undergraduate students in order to meet enrollment targets.
  11. Continue to implement a Marketing Plan.