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Anthony Quinn Collection of Film Scripts

a. Anthony Quinn (1916 - 2001), best known as an actor who starred in such films as Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Zorba the Greek (1964), and La Strada (1954), was also a writer and visual artist. Quinn became involved in civil rights movements throughout the United States. In 1970, he served as a panelist at the Mexican-American Conference and attended events for La Raza and other groups. The Anthony Quinn Collection contains approximately 200 film scripts (20 linear feet) created between 1940 and 1972. Also included are theater plays, teleplays, and pre-production film materials, as well as correspondence and research materials related to film projects and Quinn’s appearances.

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Anthony Quinn
Selection of materials that were created for Chicano actors

Television and Film Press Kit Collection

The Television and Film Press Kit Collection is comprised of press kits that were distributed by Universal Pictures. A few of the press kits were addressed to Arenas Entertainment, a marketing agency who promotes entertainment products including film, television and brand launches to Spanish-speaking audiences in several countries including the United States, Mexico, and Spain. The materials in this collection were compiled from 1999-2008. This collection includes several copies of press kits for 62 different films, some of which are partly translated into Spanish.

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Press Kits
Press Kit for the Sixth Sense motion picture

Ivan N. Cury Collection

Ivan N. Cury (1937- ) worked as a free-lance writer, producer and director in New York and Los Angeles. His credits include The Young and the Restless, The Dukes of Hazzard, All My Children, The Facts of Lifeand television special Nashville Remembers Elvis on His Birthday. Cury also worked at multiple universities including Loyola-Marymount University, UCLA and Cal State LA. While at Cal State LA, he taught Introduction to Studio Production, Documentary Production, and Directing for Television. The materials in this collection, created between 1977-2000 include television scripts and stage maps.

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Ivan N. Cury
Selection of scripts from Cury collection

Motion Picture Photograph Collection

The Motion Picture Photograph Collection is comprised of photographs from 1948-1995. The bulk of the collection includes photographs and ephemera, most of which were collected and maintained by Zelda Gale who was an avid donor to the Cal State LA University Library. The photographs contain several headshots and group shots of various actors and singers such as Tony Curtis, Montgomery Clift, Peter Lawford, Jerry Lewis, Barbara Stanwyck, and Burt Lancaster.

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Motion Picture Photograph Collection
Signed Photo of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

Motion Picture and Television Script Collection

This collection is comprised of over 300 motion picture and television scripts, totaling 12 linear feet. The bulk of the material was donated by the Theater Arts Department in the late 1970s. Titles include "Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies," a 1971 screenplay by Claudia Salter adapted from an original screen story by Steven Spielberg, and "Terror town," a teleplay from the Alfred Hitchcock Hour which aired from 1962-1965.

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Scripts from Motion Picture and Television Script Collection