graduation 2024

Congratulations to the 2024 Graduates of the Wang Lab!

05/21/2024 - Congratulations to Kam Hang Chan, M.S. in Chemistry, Tony Tran, M.S. in Chemistry, Kevin Diego-Perez, M.S. in Chemistry, Tiffany Smith, B.S. in Biology, Tammy Pham, B.S. in Biology, Jillian Ramirez, B.S. in Natural Sciences, and Stellina Ao, B.S. in Computer Science. Thank you for your contributions to the lab!

Samuel Presenting at the SoCal Undergraduate Chemistry Research Symposium

Samuel Achieves Top Five at SoCal Undergraduate Research Symposium

08/08/2023 - Samuel Groysman presented his project titled "Using Mesoporous Silica Films to Enhance Plasmonic Electrochemical Microscopy Signals" at the SoCal Undergraduate Research Symposium. He won fourth place overall!

2023 Graduating Members of the Wang Lab Pictured With Dr. Wang

Congratulations to the 2023 Graduates of the Wang Lab!

05/28/2023 - Congratulations to Aimee Anguiano, M.S. in Criminalistics, Jennifer Galvez, M.S. in Chemistry, Christina Dhoj, M.S. in Biology, and Sheehan Belleca, B.S. in Biochemistry, for graduating with the Class of 2023. We are thankful for your contributions to our lab, and we are so proud of you! 

Wang Lab and UCI Collaborators

Welcome our UCI collaborators Prof. Shane Ardo and Nate Keyes!

05/12/2023 - We were delighted to host our esteemed NSF CCI collaborators, Prof. Shane Ardo and Nate Keyes, on May 12th. Marking our first in-person lab group meeting post-pandemic, the day was filled with energy and excitement. The occasion was marked with speed project presentations, offering a warm welcome to our distinguished visitors. It was refreshing to hear their insightful comments and innovative suggestions, contributing immensely to our discussions. A hearty thank you to everyone who made this meeting a success and a special thanks to Prof. Ardo and Mr. Keyes for their valuable participation.

New Publication on PM2.5!

New Publication on PM2.5!

04/14/2023 - The Wang Lab's new manuscript, "Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy Reveals Differential Effect of PM2.5 Exposure on A549 Lung Epithelial and SHYSY5y Neuroblastoma Cell Membranes," has been published by the Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry journal. In this work, we collaborated with the Porter Lab to assess the membrane topographical and structural effects of PM2.5 from incense PM2.5 exposure in real time on A549 lung carcinoma epithelial cells and SHY-SY5y neuroblastoma cells. 


Sheehan Belleca at the MORE Graduating Class Poster Presentation

02/10/23 - Congratulations to Sheehan Belleca for presenting her project on alpha-Synuclein interaction on SH-SY5Y cells at the MORE Graduating Class Poster Presentation held at La Kretz Lobby.

We are recruiting!

We are recruiting one student for the NSF CCI-supported project on ion transfer kinetics studies and a couple of students for the NSF CAREER-supported project focusing on developing plasmonic electrochemical imaging techniques. All positions will be financially supported. Please send your resume, transcript, and a brief statement of interest to Dr. Wang ([email protected])


New paper on Langmuir

12/14/2022 - The Wang lab, in collaboration with the Tian lab at CSU Long Beach, recently published a paper entitled "pH-Responsive Metal–Organic Framework Thin Film for Drug Delivery", where we explored the use of MIL-88B(Fe) as a pH-stimuli thin film for drug delivery. Read more about it here.


New published paper on ACS Chem. Neuroscience

12/01/2022 - The Wang lab, in collaboration with Porter lab, recently published a paper entitled "Observation of α-Synuclein Preformed Fibrils Interacting with SH-SY5Y Neuroblastoma Cell Membranes Using Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy," which used SICM to monitor cytoplasmic membrane changes of SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells after incubation with varying concentrations of α-Syn PFFs. We found that PFFs did not induce significant cell death. Our data suggest that early interventions targeting fibrils before further aggregation may prevent the progression of neuron loss in Parkinson’s disease. Read more about it here.

Center for Interfacial Ionics as a Phase I Center for Chemical Innovation

08/16/22 - The NSF has selected the "Center for Interfacial Ionics" led by the Boettcher lab from the University of Oregon (website here: as a Phase I Center for Chemical Innovation. We are very excited to be part of the center! The science goal is to develop a fundamental understanding of ion transfer kinetics of broad relevance in science and technology.

summerREU agustin

Summer REU student: Agustin Figueroa

08/16/22 - Congratulations to Agustin Figueroa for finishing his summer REU research experience in our lab and successfully presenting his project on carbon nanoelectrodes in the MORE Programs Summer 2022 Research Presentations.

Summer REU student:
Ticia King

08/16/22 - Congratulations to Ticia King for completing her summer REU research experience in Dr. Vozka's and our labs and successfully presenting her research on microplastics during the 2022 CSULA REU Urban Hydrology Conference.


Congratulations to 2021 and 2022 graduates!

Wang Lab congratulates all graduates, especially our awesome lab members Magdalene Ebenezer, Marisol Flores, Sathya Raminani, Miriam Benevides, Kinsley Wang and Maria Kala! 

csuperb sam

CSUPERB 2022 Presidents’ Commission Scholar

Congratulations to Samuel Groysman for being chosen as the CSUPERB 2022 Presidents' Commission Scholar! This is the second time our lab received this scholarship. The entire Wang Lab is proud of your achievement!