Lab Members

Principal Investigator


Dr. Yixian Wang
Education: Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry
Research Interest: single entity analysis, nanoscale electrochemistry 
Email: [email protected]
Hobbies: drawing, playing volleyball

Laboratory Assistants

Adaly Garcia
Education: Master’s in Analytical Chemistry
Research interests: nanoscale electrochemistry, environmental science
Hobbies: watching boxing and soccer matches, reading
Christina Dhoj
Education: M.S. in Biology
Research interests: Parkinson's disease, PM 2.5

Graduate Students


Tony Tran
Education: B.S. in Chemistry
Research Interest: Microplastic Sampling/Collection Analysis or Environmental Chemistry 
Email: [email protected]
Hobbies: Hiking and fishing


Kam Hang Chan (Jimmy)
Education: B.S in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at UC Davis
Research Interest: SPRm in biomedical application
Email: [email protected]
Hobbies: Badminton and cooking


Kevin Diego-Perez

Currently pursuing: M.S. in Analytical chemistry
Research Interest: Electrochemistry
Email: [email protected]
Hobbies: Watching movies, swimming, biking


Isabel Garcia

Isabel Garcia

Education: Master’s in Analytical Chemistry
Research interests: biomedical sciences
Hobbies: reading & writing

Undergraduate Students


Tammy Pham

Major: B.S. in Biology
Research Interest: Health Sciences
Email: [email protected]
Hobbies: playing videogames, reading, drawing
Samuel Groysman
Major: B.S. in Biochemistry
Research Interest: Electrochemistry
Hobbies: Chess, swimming, skating
Stellina Ao
Education: B.S. in Computer Science, Minors in Math & Biomedical Engineering
Research Interest: Artificial Intelligence, Computational Neuroscience
Hobbies: dancing (Chinese folkoric + ballet), rollerblading, painting
Arya Patel
Education: B.S in Biochemistry
Research Interest: Parkinson’s Disease
Hobbies: reading, playing basketball
Tiffany Smith
Education: B.S. in Microbiology
Research Interest: Electrochemistry and Parkinson's Disease
Hobbies: yoga, watching TV
Madison Ngo
Madison Ngo
Education: B.S. in Biochemistry
Research Interest: Electrochemistry and Parkinson's Disease
Hobbies: drawing, listening to music

Liana Zhu

Education: B.S in Computer Science
Research Interest: Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Sustainability
Email: [email protected]
Hobbies: Hiking, Reading, Baking





Ai-Vy Vo - B.S. Chemistry and minor in Physics

Tristan Jehlar - B.S. Biochemistry

Lusine Janibekyan - B.S. Biology

Michelle Chiang - B.S. Microbiology

Christopher Lopez - B.S. Chemistry

Kraisarun Triloges - B.S. Chemistry

Candy Soto - B.S. Chemistry

Angel Moreno - B.S. Chemistry

Betty Ng - B.S. Microbiology

Fatima Bedier - Currently doing an internship at JPL, B.S. Biochemistry and Microbiology, minor in Biology

Luis Hernesto Peña - M.S. in Chemistry

Andrew Michael Benedict - B.S. Chemistry, M.S. in Chemistry

Stephanie Wong Su - B.S. Biology

Megan Chang - B.S. Biochemistry

Andy Chieng - Currently doing a Ph.D. in Chemistry at Arizona State University, B.S. Chemistry

Georgia Morgan - Currently doing a Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Utah, B.S. Biochemistry

Kathryn Uchida - B.S. Biochemistry

Lauren Monique Duenas - B.S. Biochemistry

Ricardo Ortiz Cisneros - B.S. Chemistry

Jacob Parres-Gold - Currently a Ph.D. student at Caltech, Biochemistry and minor in Biology, email: [email protected]

Chris Cardona - B.S. Biochemistry

Maggie Ebenezer - B.S. Biochemistry; Currently a Master's student at Cal State Long Beach

Kinsley Wang - B.S. Biochemistry; Currently applying to medical school

Marisol Flores - B.S. Natural Sciences; Currently a Master's student at San Francisco State University

Sathya Raminani - B.S. Biochemistry

Miriam Benavides

Artur Manasyan

Enrique Surio

Dara Banh-Thai

Maria Kala - B.S. Biochemistry; joint advising w/ Porter lab; Currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Pennsylvania

Christina Feng - Currently an undergraduate at UCLA

Xinli Yu - B.S. in Chemistry

Aimee Anguiano 

Jennifer Galvez

Aarya Ravichandran

Sheehan Belleca - Ph.D. at NYU

Shiwen Peng - Woodrow Wilson High School, Summer 2017

Moe Goldwhite - Avesone Global Leadership Academy

Monique Adame - B.S. Biology, Summer & Fall 2017

Jean Sophia Chuong - Middlebury College, Summer 2017/2018

Dev Jasuja - Oak Park High School, Summer 2018

Braulio Espinoza - East Los Angeles College, Summer 2018

Merlin Sosa Olivares - Los Angeles Community College, Summer 2018

Samantha Calderon - James A. Garfield Senior High, Summer 2018

Anna Nguyen - B.S. Biochemistry - March - June 2019

Meryl Ann R. Mendoza - B.S. Biochemistry - February - March 2019

Melissa Garcia - James A. Garfield High School, Summer 2019

Sheyla Aviles - SOAR High School, Summer 2020