Roles and Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Department Property Designee/Officer include the following:

  • Coordinate the tagging of inventory that is delivered directly to the department and ensuring that assets are tagged.
    • Tagged Items
      • An acquisition cost of $5,000.00 or more, with an estimated life greater than a one year and not permanently attached into University buildings.
      • Sensitive equipment of $500.00 or more, with an estimated life greater than a one year and not permanently attached into University buildings.
  • Processing and maintaining the property records for the department:
  • Ensuring all loaned property is returned on or before the due date.
  • Ensuring that all property is properly maintained and secured.
  • Coordinating the Physical Inventory process for internal/ external audits with the Property Management, signing-off on any required Physical Inventory Certification forms and providing all loan of property records to the Property Management upon request.
  • Should attend all relevant ongoing training to remain aware of property compliance and requirements.

The Department Administrator is the primary approver for property related transactions with Property Management and is responsible for the following:

  • Designating a Department Property Designee. Designations are to be documented on the Notification of Property Control Designee form.
  • Notifying the Property Management within 10 business days when a new Property Designee is assigned.
  • Approving all property surveys/transfers (inventory) for their respective areas.
  • Department Heads are responsible for all State property items assigned to their department(s). Responsibilities include support and compliance with the policies and procedures outlined in this procedure.
  • Approve room-to-room movement of each State tagged item within the same department.
  • Inform all employees in the department that property accountability remains with the department until the Property Management Office's inventory records reflect a change.
  • Approve the release of State tagged items from the control and responsibility of the department.
  • Ensure that the Proposed Acceptance of Gifts in Kind forms (See Appendix 8.4.) are completed and submitted to Institutional Advancement for approval, according to Administrative Procedure 013, prior to accepting donated property.

University employees have an obligation to:

  • Using property for University purposes only and not removing property from campus except for official University business and with prior written approval as per the Property Management procedures.
  • Using and maintaining property in an appropriate manner. Property may not be sold, traded, thrown away or disposed of in any manner without the prior written authorization of the Property management.
  • Returning property to the University prior to separation from the University.
  • Taking reasonable security precautions to discourage loss, theft, or misuse of property.
  • Reporting lost or stolen Property to Public Safety and the Property Management.
  • Turning in abandoned and/or lost property to the Property Management.

Functions of Property Management include providing accurate accounting of the acquisitions, controls, transfers, and dispositions of the property for the University and its auxiliary organizations. Services include tagging equipment, performing inventories and conducting sales of surplus equipment. The unit is responsible for consistent application of relevant controls, policies, procedures, and Chancellor’s Office guidelines.

  • Provide direction to all departments on property movement and control.
  • Tagging all inventoried items.
  • Recording and maintaining all inventory acquisitions and transactions in the University asset management database.
  • Coordinating and conducting physical inventories and internal/external audits with campus departments.
  • Coordinating the annual update of the Department Property Designee and Department Administrator.
  • Processing all property survey/transfer forms.
  • Preparing monthly inventory reconciliations.
  • Notifying University Police Department and Information Security Management and Compliance Office of missing, lost or stolen items.
  • Providing for the care, restitution, sale or destruction of unclaimed, lost, or abandoned property in the possession of the University.

Responsibilities of University Advancement include the following:

  • Review and recommend approval or disapproval of proposed gifts to the University.
  • Upon approval of gifts in kind to the University, forward a copy of approved Proposed Acceptance of Gifts in Kind form to the recipient department and the Property Management Office.