Property Movement / Survey of Property

When University property has reached its usefulness to the University, it will be disposed of in accordance with the Property Movement/ Property Survey procedure.

Each division/college has the authority to approve all property surveys and movements for their respective unit. All inventoried item acquisitions and disposals are reviewed by Asset Management.

To request transfer or survey of non-inventory property, departments are to submit a request to the Property Management via email to Annie Ekshian or Robert Moorhead. Appropriate Administrators may require additional department or divisional approval prior to submitting the request to Property Management.

The following must be provided when submitting a movement or survey request to Property Management:

  • Item Description (including serial number, condition of item and year of purchase)
  • Department Contact Information (Name and phone number)
  • Data Sanitization Verification by the department IT Coordinator for media storage devices (i.e., hard drives, workstations, laptops, copiers, printers, faxes).

The Property Management Office will review the Property Survey or Movement request and determine the final disposition.

When the paperwork is ready, it can be either emailed or faxed to the Property Management Office. The original form will remain with the equipment.

The department is to identify a “point of contact”. If no “point of contact” is identified, the point of contact will default to the originator of the request. Property Management will call with a specific time and date for pick up.

Transfer/Donation to Other Agency

When transferring/donating property to another State Agency, departments are to indicate “Transfer/Donation to Other Agency” as the disposition on the request. The State Agency name and contact information (address, phone number, and Property Custodian name) receiving the property is required.

State Form STD 158 Transfer of Location of Equipment is to be filled out by both parties and attached to the Request for Survey Form.


When trading-in property to a vendor for a new property acquisition, departments are to indicate “Trade-In” as the disposition on the Request for Survey form. The purchase order number is also required.

The Trade-in In item is to be Surveyed out and the PO number for the new purchase needs to be referenced on the paperwork. Also there needs to be a reference of the old item tag number and the amount allotted for the trade on the new PO.

Lost/Missing or Stolen

Departments are to promptly contact the University Police Department (323/343-3700) and the Property Management (Annie Ekshian and Robert Moorhead) when University property is lost, missing or stolen. The University Police Department will file a police case report for all stolen items.

When an item is determined to be lost, missing or stolen, departments are to indicate “Lost/Missing” or “Stolen” as appropriate as the disposition on the request. The following information is to be included with the request: Date last seen, was item secured, was item in locked room, additional comments and precautions taken. Requests for stolen items are to include the Police Case Report number and a copy of the Police case report.

The Property Management will promptly notify the AVP of Financial Management and the Information Security Management and Compliance Office of all department lost, missing or stolen electronic computing devices and/or electronic media storage devices.

Any State property not reconciled in physical inventories must be approved by the appropriate vice president before the property and accounting records are adjusted.

Campus Re-Utilization

Property that is disposed of by a department, but is deemed useable for other campus departments by the PMO will be available on a first-come, first serve basis. Departments should contact the Property Management Request for Survey form regarding campus re-utilization.


Property that is deemed suitable for donation by the Property Management will be donated as appropriate for the item to educational institutions, public agencies and non-profit organizations. All University property donations must be processed through the Property Management via Request for Survey form. Departments may submit requests to the Property Management that property be donated to a designated educational institution, public agency or non-profit organization.

An electronic copy of the request is returned to the department at the completion of disposition processing for department records.

On a quarterly basis, a summary Property Survey Report is submitted to the Associate Vice President, Financial Management for campus review and oversight of all University property.

Campus Departments are responsible for ensuring that all University property is properly maintained and secured.

Property Inventory

Property inventory shall be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance plan. Maintenance records are to be maintained by the department.

Precautions to be taken to protect against the loss of property include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Use of locking devices (desk drawers, security cabinets, desk or table lock-down devices).
  • Promptly reporting missing or stolen items to the University Police Department and the Property Management.