MCAT Silent Study Group and Practice Exams

Fall 2018 MCAT Silent Study Sessions

The I AM PRE-MED Club will be hosting MCAT Silent Study Sessions on Tuesday's for the Fall 2018 semester. These study sessions will take place in King Hall B 1009 from 4:00-6:00pm. Computer access will be available as well as 2019-2020 Kaplan Review Books/Flashcards for students who do not have study materials. Our ambition is to provide a quiet and consistent test taking atmosphere for students who are preparing for the MCAT. This is a silent study environment and is not meant to mimic a test prep course, although students are always encouraged to assist others when guidance in certain topics is necessary. The following dates are our scheduled MCAT Silent Study Sessions:

  • Tuesday, August 28th @ 4-6pm
  • Tuesday, September 4th @ 4-6pm
  • Tuesday, September 11 @ 4-6pm
  • Tuesday, September 18 @ 4-6pm
  • Tuesday, September 25 @ 4-6pm
  • Tuesday, October 2 @ 4-6pm
  • Tuesday, October 9 @ 4-6pm
  • Tuesday, October 16 @ 4-6pm
  • Tuesday, October 23 @ 4-6pm
  • Tuesday, October 20 @ 4-6pm
  • Tuesday, November 6 @ 4-6pm
  • Tuesday, November 13 @ 4-6pm
  • Tuesday, November 27 @ 4-6pm 

*Please note: All pre-med students are welcomed to these study sessions. Although they are meant for MCAT preparation, our door is open to any pre-med students who need a silent atmosphere to study. Make use of these resources!